Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ZAP! #53: Clash of the Egos

ZAP! #53...May 4, 2011

It has taken the staff of the CCR some time to figure it all out, but we finally realize what this Irving mayor’s election is all about: MONEY. And friends, we are talking about a lot of money. Sadly, we know how much Gears and VanDuyne have initially reported, but do not know how much hasn’t been or might not be reported!

Consider this. All this time, you thought that the big buck mayoral-candidates (Gears and VanDuyne) were interested in the issues confronting the city. Wrong.

Let the staff of the CCR attempt to be a little analytical here and dissect what is really going on in beautiful downtown Irving with the mayor’s race.

Gears: Will be spending nearly $250,000 to get re-elected.

VanDuyne: Will be spending nearly $200,000 to get elected.

Problem: Other than this being the most bucks ever spent in any Irving election, both individuals are being funded by special interest groups, north Irving developers, and/or those who stand to gain from the $250 million Voodoo Financed Entertainment Center. The same cannot be said of Joe Putnam.

Gears: Served on the council with VanDuyne.

VanDuyne: Served on the council with Gears.

Problem: Neither has addressed the important issues during the campaign. The reasons for this are simple. Most of the problems they are skirting were created when they served on the council together. Joe Putnam has addressed the real issues from the start of his campaign.

Gears: Doesn’t like VanDuyne.

VanDuyne: Doesn’t like Gears.

Problem: What we have here is a classic case of two politicians wanting to face off because of their animosity toward each other. The voters are being asked to participate in this war of egos. This is about political revenge and personality clashes between the two...not what is best for Irving. Joe Putnam knows how to work together with council members to achieve what is right for Irving by leaving his ego at home.

Gears: If elected, he will be a VanDuyne-lite mayor.

VanDuyne: If elected, she will be a Gears-stout mayor.

Problem: Considering that they both have enormous loads of political baggage and many financial backers to pay back, citizens will witness no change at city hall. It will be business as usual. And remember, their political mailings and ads are like their campaign tactics...phony, political pablum, undocumented, and untruthful assertions. Joe Putnam will not be encumbered by special interest groups, union PACs, or Entertainment Center weasels when elected.

In the final analysis, a vote for either Gears or VanDuyne will be meaningless. Nothing will change in the city or at city hall if either is elected. Their campaigns are the same. There are strings firmly attached to their voting arms by all their special interest money. And they have yet to address issues voters are concerned with.

The only noticeable difference between the two is that Gears has the support of the firemen’s union PAC that has been financed by the Las Colinas Group Bag Men for the Entertainment Center. VanDuyne’s Bag Men are those associated with north Irving development who are familiar with the art of buying politicians.

To be polite, Irving should not be faced with this level of campaign and political incompetence and sleaze.

If voters truly want to see change in the city, then: vote for the individual who has actually been addressing the issues during the campaign; vote for the individual who does not have a campaign financed by those standing to gain from the Entertainment Center or north Irving development; vote for the individual who has a track record of doing what is right for Irving...not what is politically expedient.

And if you have forgotten who this individual might be, let the staff of the CCR remind you again that it is Joe Putnam!

.............Mark Holbrook