Monday, May 30, 2011

ZAP! #59: Back in the Gutter

ZAP! #59...May 31, 2011

Is this another new low for the incumbent mayor?

Remember how the incumbent mayor painted his primary opponent, Joe Putnam, as a “slumlord lawyer” during the initial campaign? Even after several of his closest advisors related that these commercials and ads were false, untruthful and deceiving, he continued to use this form of gutter politics to make it appear that he was just an “honest” politician wanting to serve the downtrodden citizens of Irving. (Gag!)

Well, the incumbent mayor has unleashed his newest attack ads for his re-election campaign via the Internet. The printed versions will probably clog mailboxes this week.

The incumbent mayor has gone from attacking an individual as a “slumlord lawyer” to characterizing his run-off opponent as having “resume´fraud” detail in her credentials. Compared to the incumbent mayor’s political transgressions, this would probably rank as

All of this rubbish from a mayor who refuses to run a re-election campaign based on his record. Why? The staff of the CCR keeps forgetting the obvious.

The incumbent mayor doesn’t want to discuss, mention or bring up genuine campaign issues such as: old downtown McDougalville redevelopment (or lack there of); the nearly $1 million he plans to spend on his re-election campaign (80+% of which will probably be donated by his political pimp, Billy Bob); the unbridled spending, tax and fee increases during his term as mayor; the pledges he has made to the firefighter’s union PAC for their support; allowing the review of $4 million in questionable Entertainment Center expenses to languish; and his role in hiring and paying the city manager a salary greater than the president.

Let’s face it. If the incumbent mayor was running against Jesus, he would brand Him as a: long haired, bearded, communal-living and freeloading hippie. Why? Simple answer: the incumbent mayor cannot defend his record of service, or all the folks standing in line with Billy Bob waiting for their slice of the $250 million Entertainment Center pie. And this is why voters should worry about why the incumbent mayor cannot address his record of service...he doesn’t have a clue as to what his past or future actions will have on tax payer’s wallets.

At this stage, it appears that the political legacy of the incumbent mayor will be that of an individual who gave new meaning to gutter politics, character assassination and the fabrication of facts and figures. And the body count of those who drank his political Kool-Aid will be enormous. Are you a sipper of this toxic brew?

While there is never a “perfect” candidate in any political race, the staff of the CCR wishes that legislation could be passed that required “None of the Above” to be on all ballots. This would at least give voters a legitimate choice...and maybe the “perfect” candidate.

…………..Mark Holbrook