Sunday, June 12, 2011

BS #31: Heisting Votes

BlogSpasm #31...June 12, 2011

Incumbent mayor Gears is just a chuckle a minute.

While he continues to duck and hide from his dismal record and outstanding federal tax liens, he continues to fabricate and construct issues out of thin air. Perhaps, he has had some expert training in this area by his chief political-money pimp, Billy Bob Barnett.

Did you laugh out loud when you read the DMN article about Gears’ latest campaign finance report? Were you really shocked to see that $513,000 Billy Bob Bucks have been donated to the Gears campaign? (Of course, the election cycle is not over, so this total will probably grow even larger.)

The comical aspects to all this are the responses Gears and Barnett have stated or issued. Gears said he needed all these bucks to thwart off the lies his opposition was spreading. (League of Women Voters forum) Gears calling another individual a liar is akin to his not being able to distinguish between the pot or the kettle.

And Billy Bob stated he wasn’t attempting to buy votes...he was merely defending his position in the $250 million Entertainment Center. (DMN article) One has to assume that he was defending the center from the truth about anticipated financial sources, shaky revenue projections and $4 million in questionable expenses.

How can you not stop laughing? Gears calling someone else a liar and Billy Bob playing Saint Concerned. It now appears that both individuals could be in the running for receiving the newly created political HEIST award. For those not familiar, HEIST is: Herbs Evil Incumbent Strategy Tales.

If voters re-elect Gears, this would be the first time in Irving history when an election was heisted by obscene amounts of bucks infused into a campaign by one individual.

……...Mark Holbrook

For those interested, the DMN article can be found at the following link: