Friday, July 1, 2011

BS #36: There She Blows

BlogSpasm #36...July 1, 2011

Here we go again!

Just when you thought the swamp was drained and all the creepy creatures from the Black Lagoon were extinct, the Whale Rider* (Linda Harper-Brown) breaks to the surface of the political-primordial ooze and announces that she is going to run for re-election to the Texas House seat she has parked in for the past decade.

The first thought that comes to mind is the similarity between the Whale Rider and John Wiley “the Mouth that Roared” Price...they both like to tool around town in fancy cars that seem to have been parked in their garages under dubious circumstances. Now, that’s Democrat/Republican bi-partisanship at its finest...fleecing campaign supporters to the max.

However, one has to admit: John Wiley’s Bentley exudes a tad more class than Harper-Brown’s Mercedes-Benz. She needs to have a serious discussion with her donors regarding this.

Our second thought was: Hasn’t she amassed enough “free stuff” and bucks to spare Irving voters by retiring?

Staff of the CCR was actually hoping that the Whale Rider would not run again. After all, just how many times do we have to write and remind the lemming of her district that her only know quality -- demonstrated over the years -- is her ability to: accept bundles of bucks from Special Interest Groups and PACs; accept flaky recognition awards from major PAC contributors; abide by the dictates of her political money pimp, J. Ralph Ellis; utilize the services of high priced consultants to spread glowing, patriotic pablum over the lemmings who believe what they read; being held in low regard by many of her House colleagues; and glad handing and noshing at every Irving reception possible.

So, if you seem to experience dej√° vu in the coming months when reading CCR materials concerning the Whale Rider, this would be the reason why...she hasn’t changed or served the needs of Irving since we last wrote about her. Even though her political expiration date has long expired, she just cannot shed the cloak of being another money grubbing, recycled politico whose ego needs constant stroking.

………………Mark Holbrook

* Note (Once Again): “Whale Rider” is the title of a movie about a young New Zealand Maori girl who has to ride a whale in order to be named the tribe’s leader. Harper-Brown rides all the Special Interest Group and PAC “whales” for obscene amounts of campaign contributions collected by J. Ralph Ellis.