Saturday, July 23, 2011

BS #40: Law Suit Harpooned

BlogSpasm #40...July 23, 2011

This may be a first! The staff of the CCR wishes to praise the Irving city council for voting not to intervene in the legislative redistricting law suit. The vote was 6-2 with one council member absent. (Stopfer and Farris were the two voting to waste the bucks.)

Not only will this vote save tax payers over $125,000, but it will also keep the city from having another legal black eye when the law suit is lost. (See ZAP! #61)

Additionally, the Whale Rider should defend her own turf with her own funds if this is so important. Of course, the only way the Whale Rider could prevail in the law suit is if she could receive certification that her district qualifies as a minority district -- ie: inhabited only by conservative, white women who drive expensive luxury cars provided by special interest donors.

…………..Mark Holbrook