Monday, September 5, 2011

ZAP! #66: Third Class Citizens

ZAP! #66...September 5, 2011

Thank you councilman Roy Santoscoy!

You have made our point and confirmed what was suspected when the city council finalizes their decision making process that affects voting tax payers.

While discussing Water and Sewer rates for the 2011-12 budget which favors the proposal submitted by the city manger to increase the rates another 3%, Santoscoy made the following comment in the Dallas Morning News. His comment was in opposition to increasing the rate a tad higher for businesses in the city...thereby maybe sparing citizens yet another increase.

“I think the chamber would shudder at the idea of doing this,” said Councilman Santoscoy.

Why is this important? Staff of the CCR believes his attitude and comment dovetails and provides a sense of reality with the recent CCR survey where responders indicated that the council relies on the chamber of commerce (56%) and city manager (35%) to arrive at a decision. If you recall, citizens only registered 9% (third place) on the survey when it comes to influencing city council decisions.

Does Santoscoy’s comment actually mean we are “third class citizens” living in an environment where only our tax bucks and votes matter to keep politicos entrenched?

..................Mark Holbrook