Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry, Merry, Humbug for 2011

The shopping is done; packages are wrapped...which is a slight euphemism for paper surrounding a package with lumpy folds and uneven edges; and the weather is cooperating by being overcast, cold and threatening a light dusting of snow flakes. The only thing wrong with this Christmas picture is that our Visa card has experienced a meltdown and the dog wants to pee on all the packages under the tree!

The next step is to prepare to gorge copious amounts of ham and turkey (we’re traditionalist), dressing, and an assortment of other vegetables and condiments until the paramedics are called to confirm that we’re not in a coma, but only resting until the football games begin. And if we are lucky, the Coonasses will prevail this football season with the LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints making us proud of our Cajun heritage with Texas birth status. Even as one of the smallest minorities in the nation, we stand proud, ask for no favors and have the decency to not complain when times are tough. Our credo: “Laissez les bon temps rouler.”

What’s left? How about wishing you and those you care about the very best Christmas and good fortune for the coming year. And if ALL the politicians just didn’t show up for “work” January 3rd, this might even be possible.

Since the politicians will not cooperate with this idea, we are assured of many future writing assignments designed to “kick cats” and “butcher sacred cows” due to their antics and spending of our money.

Read about it returning on January 2, 2012!

The CCR Staff