Monday, January 30, 2012

BS #56: It's Working??

BlogSpasm #56

It must be working! All the ‘economic development’ that major council travel has produced seems to be bringing the mega bucks to Irving.

For those with SPSS (Short Political Spin Span), Councilwoman Cannaday recently took a $13,100 travel junket to Australia. $7,900 of the total cost was funded by the city (your tax dollars) and the balance, $5,200, was forked over by the Irving Chamber of Commerce. The chamber’s portion could also be considered city bucks, since the council doles out $2 million for their operations.

But let’s forget about the bucks spent to travel to scenic Australia. Let’s focus on the the ‘economic development’ that will come to Irving. While we know there is a shortage of boomerangs, stuffed Koala bears and kangaroos in the city, we do have a significant Australia presence in the city...Outback Restaurant.

So, all this ‘economic development’ must be paying off. Staff of the CCR overheard two gentlemen drinking tall cans of Foster’s Group beer at the Outback this weekend and they spoke in a foreign tongue that sounded somewhat British.

A few more council ‘economic development’ trips like this and the increase to the city’s sales tax revenues could fund an Entertainment Center on the McDougal property in south Irving that the city is about to take over.

Progress...just another word for: We’re the city council of Irving and we are here to raise your tax rate for our benefit and pleasure.

…………..Mark Holbrook