Monday, January 30, 2012

BS #55: A Stitch in Time

BlogSpasm #55

The one thing we can say is that the staff of the CCR has a newfound admiration for prisoners in Kyrgyzstan. To protest squalid conditions, deplorable food and inhumane treatment, over 1,000 inmates have sewn their lips shut! Yes, actually sewn their lips shut with coarse twine and wire!

Now if that doesn’t get your attention, then you must be a cold-blooded elected politico.

On second thought, this barbaric act could work wonders on the local level. No, all of the ‘little people’ of Irving -- who are becoming increasingly frustrated at the current actions of the Irving city council -- shouldn’t sew their lips shut in protest. (Even though, this is what some of the Doddering ½Dozen* would like to see happen.) What should be done is to sew the lips shut on all the council members. Can you imagine the benefits that would accrue to the city if this was done?

Before going any further, we don’t want to sew the lips shut on the city staff. It appears the city manager has already done this after he sewed his lips shut to the local media. He now has a staff person send late night e-mails to the press to spin non-answers to probing questions.**

Here are some of the advantages of sewing council member’s lips shut:

  • There would be an immediate end to all the fluffy, flip-flop and flim-flan oratory on the Entertainment Center and McDougalville (a.k.a. Heritage Crossing). This might even end back-room meetings or phone conversations council members could be having with developers and lobbyist for these projects. (Question: Would it be considered a back-room meeting if the meeting is held at LaCima Club or the Four Seasons?)
  • Council meetings would be completed in record time, since the council would not have to sit around dreaming up questions to make it appear that they know what they are talking about. This would allow them to get down to the heart of the in a way that is responsible to those who put them in office -- the tax payers.
  • Council travel budgets would be reduced, since junket takers wouldn’t be able to participate in such mind-numbing and incomprehensible discussions at the National Multi-Modal Transportation Conference in some distant country. (This reminds the staff of the CCR that we need to have the oil changed in our Multi-Modal. Other drivers are complaining about all the smoke clouds this thing is spewing...not unlike some council members.)
  • The health benefits for council members once their lips are sewn shut are tremendous and utterly amazing. Each member would experience an instantaneous and drastic weight loss from only being able to sip nourishment. And this would eliminate their having to attend all those fancy noshing shindigs sponsored by consultants and other special interest groups seeking favorable votes on projects.

If you believe this proposal has merit, then gather up your twine and wire. The inmates are growing restless.

The council will be meeting January 30, 2012 to discuss the McDougalville fiasco and February 8, 2012 to hear from a bonding agency. The bonding agency report is in response to the council’s wrongheaded vote and approach to sell $170 million of bonds for the Entertainment Center, thereby placing the ICVB, Arts Center and tax payers in jeopardy.

Would you pass the sutures, please?

…………..Mark Holbrook

  • Believed to be: Cannaday, Stopfer, Gallaway, Webb, Patrick and Santoscoy.

** “As we proceed with our work to make the vision for this development a reality, we will continue strengthening our policies for responsible financial management and fiscal transparency,” city spokeswoman Susan Rose said in a news release emailed Friday night. DMN, 1-29-12 article regarding McDougalville. [Ed. Note: 6-Sigma must be very slow in solving problems if it takes five years to gain control over an issue that has continued to bubble over, fester and cost the city.]