Friday, March 30, 2012

BS #59: It Could Happen

BlogSpasm #59

The staff of the CCR just completed an extensive meeting with our financial advisors and are pleased to announce the finalization of our plans. After winning the $640 million MEGA million lottery tonight, we will consider buying a $250 million Entertainment Center for the city of no cost to tax payers.

Stay tuned for future details.

…………..Mark Holbrook

Ed. Note: We regret to inform the readership that our ticket was not a winner. Therefore, the city council will have to revert to seeking approval for the $170 million in investment grade bonds, jeopardizing the city’s AAA bond rating, double pledging the HOT taxes, placing the ICVB and Arts Center budgets at risk, and putting tax payers on the hook for any budget or revenue shortfalls of the $250 million Entertainment Center project. MH 3-31-12