Thursday, April 5, 2012

ZAP! #83: Blessed Are the Lamebrain

ZAP! #83

Forget political correctness. Disregard the purpose of the city’s announcement. Let’s feed several city bureaucrats to the lions in the coliseum.

To have some bureaucratic-Bozo designate in the city’s tabloid magazine -- “City Spectrum” -- that April 6th, Good Friday, is now Trash Collection Holiday in a headline is just plain wrong. No, it is Good Friday!

Not picking up trash due to a city sponsored Christian holiday isn’t a problem. But it is a problem when the city decides to call this a ‘holiday’ from trash pick up in their publication...on one of the very sacred days in the Christian religion.

…………….Mark Holbrook

Ed. Note: Thanks to a very alert reader for bringing this to the attention of the CCR staff, since we attempt to refrain from reading fluffy PR publications.