Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IISD #19: Presto Salary Increase

IISD Admin Lunchroom Chatter #19
Nosher #1:  It appears that the Floundering Four* board members have done it again!  At the last board meeting, they had an agenda item -- which was discussed in executive session -- to “consider approval of amendments” to the superintendent’s employment contract.  Some of us are still wondering how a contract “amendment” can suddenly and magically be transformed into a 1.5% “salary increase” for the Super. 
Nosher #2:  That’s for sure.  Maybe the Floundering Four realized that since there would probably be no audience or press when they completed the executive session that they could slide this through like they previously did when they extended his contract to 2016 after he had been on the job less than a year.  As expected, the Floundering Four voted in lockstep like they might have had previous discussions concerning this issue.
Nosher #1:  What makes all this seem even more devious by the board president (Hufstetler) is that our board has always discussed salary increases for employees in work sessions and open meetings.  Why does the Floundering Four continue to slide down their slippery slope of secrecy?  If I remember correctly, there wasn’t any materials in the board packets to indicate that the Floundering Four were going to pull off this salary increase stunt.  
Nosher #2:   Well, the Super may be happy with his new found riches and a salary of $247,660, but this action by the Floundering Four sure seems real sneaky.  And I think the Floundering Four really blindsided the other members of the board with this Pearl Harbor approach.  I know that our admin hallways are still buzzing with discontent over this odiferous action by the board and Super.  
Nosher #1:  And the Floundering Fours timing on this item during the summer break when teachers are gone and many staff members are on vacation only magnifies the covert action taken by this group. 
Nosher #2:   Well, I guess it is going to be a long, hot and contentious summer now.
  • The Floundering Four IISD board members continue to be: Hufstetler, Craig, V. Jones and Christian.
A note from counsel: These “candid” lunchroom conversations have been injected with fabricated nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, modifiers and maybe a few dangling participles.  Mark Holbrook