Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ER #42: Circus Antics

City Hall Elevator Rumblings #42
Rider #1:  Somehow, it seems that the Doddering ½Dozen just doesn’t get it.  (Reduced to four members now: Cannaday, Webb, Santoscoy and Gallaway)  Did you see how three of them called for a special meeting of the council for Thursday, August 2nd  to hear a presentation from the Las Colinas Group regarding the Entertainment Center?  Did they not understand the letter LCG sent on July 25, 2012?  
Rider #2:  How many times do they have to hear the LCG tell them what they already know?  Do they really think that another dog and pony show could heal the current Entertainment Center agreement?  I thought they had already been advised by the city attorney not to discuss any new Entertainment Center proposals until the current contract deadline for funding expires on August 6th.
Rider #1:  That’s what I remember.  It seems that having a meeting on August 7th would make better sense.  Then, the contractual slate would be wiped clean and a new contract -- that doesn’t place the city in financial jeopardy -- could be considered.  But then, that would be the wise and fiscally responsible thing to do.
Rider #2:  I think ‘fiscally responsible’ might be an oxymoron with this group.  They are the ones who insisted on spending all the bucks for the bond rating that reflected the city couldn’t afford to finance $171 million.  And don’t forget, they just voted for the new library construction under a heavy cloud of opaque transparency and extreme number shifting.
Rider #1:  Well, it should be another boring meeting with plenty of ‘pie in the sky’ dished out and gallons of Kool-Aid served.  Maybe this is why the Doddering ½Dozen-2 called the meeting.  They haven’t had an LCG-fix in some time and were having withdrawal pangs.  After all, they will only be able to sit there and listen, since the agenda item does not call for any action to take place.
A note from counsel: These “candid” elevator conversations have been injected with fabricated nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, modifiers and maybe a few dangling participles….Mark Holbrook