Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ZAP! #96: Let It Shine

ZAP! #96

Apparently, these are not the two brightest council bulbs in the city hall chandelier.  Luckily, their lumens were not needed to shine a light on the faulty LCG agreement.  With the light of day, maybe the city’s interest now will be protected as a result of the 5-4 vote not to extend the Entertainment Center agreement.

……………Mark Holbrook

Dallas Morning News, 8-7-12
Las Colinas Group officials have alluded to a possible legal battle for months. After Monday’s vote, the veiled references became a promise.
Company spokesman David Margulies said Las Colinas Group will sue the city and referred to Gallaway and Webb’s statements.
“Two council members just testified in their favor,” he said. “You’ve just heard the opening statements for their lawsuit.”