Thursday, August 9, 2012

ZAP! #97: Legal Sage

ZAP! #97

     Here’s what one knowledgable lawyer -- of all things city hall -- thinks about the Las Colinas Group law suit pertaining to the Entertainment Center.  And we would agree that if the discover on this suit goes forward it would be enlightening.  Many unanswered financial questions could finally see the light of day.  

     However, one could think that the LCG might just want a settlement agreement to get out of their deal, and let TDI take over.  Hopefully, the city will not bend to a settlement and will see this issue through to the bitter end.  

     After all, what’s a few more million dollars wasted by the city council and city manager?  (Think McDougalville for starters.)

From the DMN blog section regarding an 8-7-12 article:

Don Rorschach · Top Commenter · Lawyer at Self
If all the plaintiff's have is an attack on a city employee who did not even have a vote on the Entertainment Center project, do they have any case at all against the City of Irving? And, FINALLY, this will generate a demand for a forensic audit ordered by the majority of the present City Council to see who paid what to whom going back to the beginning of this fiasco generated by the former majority. The defendant's discovery process targeting the plaintiffs and their friends in this matter should turn up lots interesting facts! Stay tuned!”

…………………Mark Holbrook