Thursday, October 18, 2012

IISD #24: Early Faux Pas

IISD Admin Lunchroom Chatter #24

Nosher #1:  Good grief!  With all the politics happening on the national scene, my mailbox was just attacked by a letter announcing a ‘retread candidate’ for the IISD board of trustees.  Heavens, the election is not until May, 2013!       

Nosher #2:  Don’t feel lonesome...I got one too.  What makes this even more unusual is that the letter from Mike Gregory, who has previously served on the school board, seems to have forgotten, didn’t realize, or just omitted the political disclaimer on his political announcement.  Wouldn’t you think with all his past experience as an elected official of the board that he would at least adhere to all prescribed rules and legalities when it comes to campaigning?

Nosher #1:  Not only that, but his highly political and polarizing statements that the years two of the members have served, who are not seeking re-election, will be missed could be a little off-target and disingenuous.  After all, many of the problems and issues that the current board has encountered are as a direct result of their collective actions of incompetence and indifference to citizen desires.

Nosher #2:  How true.  The Quandary Quartet (V. Jones, Huffstetler, Christian and Craig) has managed to create a political embolism just one stroke away from a total breakdown of the board.  Common sense, rhyme and reason have little value -- much like tax payer bucks -- in many of their decisions.  Even when they claim what is done is “for the kids” of the district.

Nosher #1:  Don’t you think the Quandary Quartet is the motivating factor behind seeking Gregory to run?  After all, there has been little independent thinking by this group when decisions of importance are presented.  And we have seen how the group is merely a tool for most of the whims and fancies of the Super.  If I remember correctly, I think Gregory might fit this mode and clique perfectly.  He seldom challenged superintendent Singley when previously serving on the board.

Nosher #2:  Well, I’ve already shredded his announcement letter as just another piece of seasonal junk mail.  I’m more interested in the national political scene.  I’ll deal with the school board next year by anticipating a candidate wanting to serve for all the right reasons.

A note from counsel: These “candid” lunchroom conversations have been injected with fabricated nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, modifiers and maybe a few dangling participles.  Mark Holbrook