Monday, February 4, 2013

CCR 02-04-13: Buying Fantasyland

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Into the Looking Glass at Fantasyland
Irving City Manager Compensation 

     Obtaining the full and complete detail of city manager Tommy Gonzalez’s compensation package is akin to gaining entry to Fort Knox.  He is always silent on the subject and data regarding ‘special’ considerations made on his behalf are sometimes buried in seldom used city accounts.  In fact, it is probably easier to have a root canal performed than it is to get a conclusive picture of his total earnings or a complete copy of his contractual agreement.

     What is know and demonstrable is that he is, from the perspective of the CCR, extremely overpaid (more so than the base pay of the president of the USA) for what the city has received in return for his performance snafus, handling of city projects and the shuffling of city hall personnel and departments.  While previous reports of the CCR have reflected several severe shortcomings in his “leadership” style and administration, this recap is based on the best available information obtained by staff of the CCR to review the city council’s unflinching commitment to the overpayment of a governmental bureaucrat in a city the size of Irving.  

     It should also be noted that some compensation payments are based on contingencies.  ie: length of  service; 6-Sigma or 7-Omega or the Management Process de jure exceeding “expectations;” ‘streamlining’ staff and departments for “productivity” -- not retribution (sure) purposes -- to “save” millions of bucks unseen by tax payers who witness ever increasing fees and taxes; and the collection of city “awards” guaranteed to puff a resumé. 

     If there are any glaring errors in this recap, staff of the CCR will be happy to make any corrections based on the information provided by Tommy Gonzalez.

Base pay                       $260,191
457 Compensation plan     17,000
401(a) Contribution          50,000
Life insurance                    7,715
La Cima/4 Seasons dues      7,404
Accrued vacation                9,476
Medicare payments             4,365
SBP payment                     5,810
TMRS contribution           21,800
Health insurance               10,354
Incentive pay                     7,798
Housing allowance           41,210
Retainage* fee                  60,000
TOTAL                     $503,123

     One other note to all these numbers.  Since Gonzalez still participates in the Army reserves, he receives the difference between his Army reserve pay and his base city salary...which is much higher.  Staff of the CCR hasn’t checked, but he may also be the highest paid ‘reserve’ officer in the Army.

……………………….Mark Holbrook

* Our MacBook spellcheck doesn’t have this word listed.  It should be noted that this is the spelling on an official city report.

ADDENDUM sent to readers receiving the reports via e-mail:

      In the CCR report sent via e-mail this afternoon, there was a glaring error made in reporting the $503,123 annual compensation package for Irving city manager Tommy Gonzalez.

     While the $503,123 total is correct until otherwise notified, we listed the Housing Allowance as $4,120.  The correct amount is $41,210.

     We regret that Dylan’s paw and colorblind-eyesight created this confusion for those who may have added the column of numbers and discovered that there was an error.  He has been severely reprimanded, but notifying the SPCA on his behalf is not warranted.