Sunday, March 24, 2013

Have a Sip!

As the city council considers spending around $500,000 to buy-out the city manager's contract (one he doesn't have after May 1, 2013, even if nothing is done), they thought you would enjoy a little libation from their private stock.  

After sipping, you, too, will fail to worry about tax payers who will fund this shocking expenditure that can be added to the $51 million McDougal fiasco; the $4 million unaudited Entertainment Center expenditures approved by "unnamed city employees;" the $600,000 Texas Stadium sign revenue funneled to the chamber of commerce; sporting event ducats placed under a front door mat; $161,000 salary to the ex-fire chief for "grant writing;" disappearing BlackBerry information; the egregious salary and benefits previously paid with thousands of addition tax bucks spent to nosh at LaCima/Four Seasons with cronies and chamber personnel; and the millions spent on consultants where nebulous benefits are observed.  

But hey…Irving has a Baldrige "award."  Drink up.  Don't you feel much better now after sipping this addictive elixir?

And the CCR would remind you...drink responsibly even if some members of the city council don't.
…………………Mark Holbrook