Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CCR 04-02-13: Censure Censors

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     That smug feeling ISD board members Gwen Craig, Ronda Huffstetler, Valerie Jones and Jerry Christian (Quandary Quartet) took to bed after passing their inane “censure” resolution (instigated by Huffstetler and V. Jones) against Steven Jones must have immediately dissipated when they awakened to read the Op /Ed piece written by Lynn Woolley, a Texas-based radio talk show host, for the April 2, 2013 editorial page of the Dallas Morning News. (See below link for his entire article.  This is a must read if you have concerns as to how your IISD tax bucks are being mismanaged.)

     After reading Woolley’s Op/Ed piece, regarding actions of the above Quandary Quartet, do you think they required defibrillators to keep from keeling over?  This one statement from the Op/Ed piece pretty well sums up what Irving tax payers have been contending with the past several years from this cabal of civic apologist:

Board President Ronda Huffstetler says it’s a pattern of incidents. Censure became necessary — along with a request to the Texas Education Agency to investigate.
Investigate what?
A board member who is a conservative, who questions stupid and costly decisions made by the board and actually attempts to represent the interests of children, parents and taxpayers instead of just the education establishment? But even these things might not call for censure. Jones’ real crime is his opposition to bilingual education.”

     Additionally, this is the second board meeting in a row where board president Huffstetler has attempted to foster her personal, politically-vindictive agenda -- with the valued support of the Quandary Quartet -- that was disguised, for tax payer’s benefit, as doing something for the “kids.”  Snicker!  In the previous board meeting, she railroaded the re-extension of the superintendent’s contract allowing it to now expire in 2017.  Don’t you know the “kids” were really happy with this egregious financial commitment! 
     Huffstetler’s “retirement” into political oblivion cannot come soon enough.  However, isn’t it really a shame that she didn’t run for re-election so that she could have fathomed the voter’s contempt for all her recent actions?

…………………………...Mark Holbrook
Link to:  Lynn Woolley’s Op/Ed column as contained in DMN’s Deborah Fleck’s “neighborsGo” posting 4-2-13  http://irvingblog.dallasnews.com/2013/04/radio-talk-show-host-lynn-woolley-defends-steven-jones.html/   or, go to the Opinion page of the DMN if you are a subscriber

Additional article regarding this issue of the ISD board: DMN 04-02-13, Avi Selk