Sunday, June 16, 2013

CCR 06-16-13: The Compost Heap

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

“The Compost Heap”

     A collective sigh, or was that a gag reflex, registered a 3.7 on the political-Richter scale when the final Irving city council runoff election results were posted.  La gente ha hablado!  

     Would someone translate this for the mayor Queen Bee?  Her remaining hive members will be all abuzz now that the number of her potential drones has flown off to sweeter blooms.  This certainly will not leave enough drones to market her honey pot.  But then, some of her current drones may also be contemplating flying off to other florets due to her perpetual strident edicts, choosing social ops over official mayoral duties, hidden agendas, and petulant attitude when dealing with other council members.

     As previously noted in a CCR report, leadership requires one to have followers with a known direction being taken.  With the Queen Bee, the leadership roadway seems to always be one direction...her way with “no passing” signs posted on both sides of the road.

     That being said, we can all settle back, pop some corn and tune in to all the hissy fits that will certainly emanate from the council chambers in upcoming meetings...especially when the ARK proposal for the entertainment complex moves forward.  Other than an abundance of sticky prattle on her part, the Queen Bee will offer little with regards to her attempting to make this proposal, if it is financially sound, work for the city’s benefit.  Instead, city hall observers will note a return of the old Trojan Barbie of extreme negativism that prevailed when she previously served on the council.  (Those not familiar with the Trojan Barbie analogy should research the CCR archives.) 

     Of course, many might perceive that the council has actually regressed with the election of Danish and Meagher.  And to a certain degree it may have.  While recycling may assist in healing the planet, it is doubtful that the same benefits occur for the city when politicos are thrown into the compost bin.  

Place 2 Results: Meagher 1,958  Stewart 1,683

     When one reviews the prior record of Allan Meagher’s service, isn’t it apparent that his current campaign was built on promising to do what he failed to do when he previously served?  Are you not surprised?  Sadly, should one really consider his election progress?  All one might possibly expect this time around from Meagher is louder blustering and additional inflation of an already over inflated ego.  Additionally, it may be wise for city staff to install an Interlock Device on his council seat.  We would hate to see him veer off and run over a citizen speaking at the city hall dais during a meeting.  Also, could someone have Meagher pass a few kudos to his chief political sponsor, Focus Irving PAC?  It seems as if the campaign pulled off a sneaky coup by the PAC not having the required runoff financial report submitted, in a timely manner, to the city secretary’s office.  (Still not posted as late as Saturday evening.)  This action, of course, prevented voters from observing who the moneybags were that financed his campaign and will control the strings to be pulled when he votes.  

     (Not to worry dear readers.  The staff of the CCR will present a separate report later on the country club and chamber folks shelling out big bucks to the PAC...if the report is ever filed with the city secretary’s office.  It will also be noteworthy to determine if any of his campaign“loans” are paid off.  If he follows the example of Linda Harper-Brown, we already know the answer to that query.)  

Place 1 Results:  Danish 329  Byers 298

     What can staff of the CCR say about the return of John Danish to the council that hasn’t already been printed and reflected in almost-ancient CCR reports?  Danish has always been a large target and easy to hit.  While his verbosity will be entertaining only to himself, expect to see verbal sparring on issues that would make Lincoln/Douglas blush with embarrassment.  And the real irony?  Danish wining the Place 1 single member district seat by 31 votes, since he is a well-to-do, White, attorney who, with his trusted, perpetual burro-riding sidekick Benavides, ranted and raved while charging pseudo-windmills of representation and concern to carve up this section of Irving (read: gerrymander) for Hispanics to be represented.  Would someone please explain to staff of the CCR how this single member district scam is working now for Hispanics?

     Finally, the 2013 city council elections are history.  The burning question, or elephant in the room for astute watchers of these frivolous civic endeavors will be: Who is in charge and running city hall?  Short one group and certainly not the mayor Queen Bee and her fading hive of drones.

     While the sports section is probably the literary choice for most readers of the CCR, we would advise you to re-read George Orwell’s classic “1984.”  Why?  Irving is now like one premise in Orwell’s tome.  There were always two super powers at “war” with each other and a third faction waiting on the sidelines to join one or the other two warring factions so that the best return for their interest could be achieved.  So, while the Queen Bee (Van Duyne) attempts to sting the Billy Bob Boondogglers (still led by ex-mayor Gears), a more rational, smaller and hopefully saner contingency of council members could tip the scales for decisions that might best serve Irving citizens and not the special interest groups that have either bought or control members of the two warring factions.

     While some contend that hope may spring eternal, there is little optimism for a political cynic when only 5% (3,641) of the total registered voters in the city saunter to the polls to determine who will be lifting all the tax bucks from their wallets.  Considering the number of individuals who actually voted in this runoff election, one could have almost bought a council majority by using their monthly Social Security checks.

……………………...Mark Holbrook