Friday, July 26, 2013

ZAP! #131: Radioactive Lemmings

ZAP! #131

     As the dust begins to settle after mayor BVD and councilman LaMorgese performed their Kabuki dance (making Fred and Ginger look like pikers) of prosecutorial inquiry on innocent city staff members during their Entertainment Center two-step, one has to wonder: Just how radioactive will the ashes be for their failed attempt to extract political revenge or resolve personal vendettas? 

     Mayor BVDs performance was not only scripted, but it appears that she was still receiving text messages for additional phantom points to sling and pelter the staff and audience with.  (Guess who these came from?)  And frankly, her petite ‘sermon’ on how we can all disagree without being disagreeable about our collective ‘love’ for the city was not only shallow, but pealed with hypocrisy loud enough for the hearing impaired to wake up.  Do you think she really believes all the trite clichés she utters?

       While all the radioactive fallout from this chapter in the Entertainment Center saga hasn’t settled, here is what the ground cover reveals today:

Mayor BVD:  She remains acutely obstinate and searching for anyone who will agree with her ‘anti-everything’ agenda for items that are not her idea.  One could doubt that even lemmings would follow her over the cliff...even though she did manage to persuade three to jump for the Entertainment Center voting.  An unofficial CCR poll has her replacing two former mayors* as being the most contentious, disappointing and quarrelsome mayor in recent history of the city.

“the Mouth” LaMorgese:  Perry Mason he isn’t, but maybe he did manage to pick up a few car accident victims as new clients resulting from his legal grandstanding.  Times like this require a ‘fast forward’ button for ICTV council meeting airings.

“Rabid Weasel” Spink:  If folks ever saw him smile and heard more about his various positions on issues, then maybe they would have a better understanding of his actions on city matters.  Maybe fellow council member Cannaday could coach him on voracious public speaking techniques.

“Flapjack” Farris:  After three years on the council, one would think that he would realize how inane it is to babble on both sides of an issue to ease his guilt of voting the wrong way.  Sort of reminds many old timers of the infamous Jim Wilcox “I abstain” vote on the Ramada Inn private club as an attempt to appease everyone.  It just doesn’t sell!

ICTV:  This is a tricky item.  The televised Entertainment Center council meeting has been U-rated (as in Ugh!) by the CCR staff.  The ICTV technical folks must alter the view of speakers at the podium to exclude anyone sitting on the front row of the chamber.  The sight projected during the meeting was not only ghastly, but caused many CCR readers to suffer ‘ocular searing.’  Rumor has it that there may be an effort afoot to circulate a petition to the city council to rename ICTV to ICCV (Irving Community Crotch Viewing)

ARK:  This firm has a unique opportunity to demonstrate that they are not all hype and hyperbola.  And as they begin to move forward with the Entertainment Center project, it would be advisable that they Google the DMN for all past articles related to this project.  Politics in Irving is definitely hardball and the citizenry is not likely to be forgiving for history to repeat itself on this endeavor.  If the ARK folks heard both sides of the issue cussed and discussed at the council meeting, then they should realize that performance, deliver on specifications and accountability for all financial details will be the hallmarks of involving the citizenry in the success of the Entertainment Center.  Otherwise, staff of the CCR will be willing to have the city utilize the land as a homeless shelter for retread political losers and developers. 

     The only thing that might have made the mayor BVD spectacle more enjoyable for her Entertainment Center charade would have been if the council had approved the AMC theatre zoning request to also include council chambers for cocktail watching this event sober couldn’t have been fun!

………………………..Mark Holbrook

Names provided upon request, but you can probably guess who they are.