Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ZAP! #132: KIA - Keeping It Abusive

ZAP! #132

     In a previous ZAP! (7-26-13), staff of the CCR noted that even with the ARK proposal being approved -- over the strident objections of mayor BVD and the 3-Lemmings -- the city already had an Entertainment Center...televised city council meetings with U-rated viewing.

     Little did the CCR staff know that there was another ‘entertainment venue’ vying for the glory of being the political epicenter and fountain of knowledge for the unwashed masses of Irving.  This was a repository of deep thinking and shallow commenting web site know as KIA (Keep Irving Agitated Angry in Arms in Angst Abrasive Accountable).  Wow!  The collective of folks on this FaceBook page is reminiscent of the late 1800s Hatfield-McCoy feud.  Perhaps, the only difference is that the Hatfield-McCoy folks didn’t conduct their feuding sloshed on Kool-Aid supplied by an elected political sponsor.  And it is very evident where the political-sponsor lines are drawn on this site when one looks at the names of the usual suspects posters.

     Of course, every individual is entitled to their political opinion regarding any issue facing the city today.  This is something the CCR totally supports.  What appears to amaze the casual observer of KIA is that the opinions expressed by the posters appear to be mostly ‘talking points’ that council members have already espoused on both sides of the issue.  In essence, this is like reading a transcript of the verbiage spouted and spewed at a council meeting.  There is little originality and more venom on most of the postings than the CCR could extract from a pit of rattlers in Sweetwater.

     An interesting poster observed on KIA was ex-mayor Gears.  One would think that putting his 2¢ into the fray, with vendetta-venom that could kill a Black Mamba, is a rather cheap shot...even for him. If you recall, Gears collected well over $1 million from Billy Bob, et al to run a failed campaign.  And after the campaign, his failures continued to mount. His 2¢ is such a pittance.

     And you just had to know the Queen Bee, mayor BVD, would make an appearance on KIA to espouse cooking or mane flipping techniques to the legion of lemmings she is still attempting to round up that consider her ‘anti-everything’ agenda as doing well for the city.  Maybe she just hasn’t read the August D magazine article.

     To some, this ZAP! might appear that the CCR is throwing rocks at KIA while living in a glass house.  That’s okay.  We installed shatter proof glass many years ago just for these occasions.  After all, opinions of the CCR are just that...opinions.  One can disagree with our opinions, but not our writing style...that would be considered personal. (snicker)

     The primary reason for even mentioning KIA and nudging -- not kicking -- their cat in this missive is simple.  While doing a bit of research for another item, we discovered that a very kind lady had posted a notice on the Citizens of Irving News blog with the link to the CCR report regarding the “Ode to Jan’s Red Pen” that was recently published.  Not only were the comments of this lady regarding Jan Dickson endearing, but the comments of those who posted rejoinders were also poignant.  These three individuals should consider renaming this FaceBook page and title it KIN (Keeping Irving Nice)...the intelligent alternative to KIA.

     Staff of the CCR would like to thank these three individuals and advise them that their comments, along with the many others received, were forwarded to Jan’s daughter.  If we had the e-mail addresses for these individuals, we would do it ourselves.  However, staff of the CCR is certain that one of its readers who knows them will do this for us.  Thanks in advance. 

………………….Mark Holbrook