Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CCRs dwT #35: What the Flugtag!

Dylan sez…
(a short and timely jotting for CCR twits Tweeters)


dwT #35:   When it comes to anything related to ‘bull,’ mayor BVD may have the market cornered.  Preparing to welcome, on Lake Carolyn, the National Red Bull Flugtag Day (9-21-13) contest, mayor BVD could demonstrate that not only can she not fly, but also dispel any rumors that she can walk on water after landing in the lake.  

Backstory clue for the information impaired:   It is really belittling for the staff of the CCR to have to describe what all the above means in terms of positive benefits to the city. (Drunken insanity; noise at jet engine decibel levels from the loudspeakers and music; significant law enforcement required; city clean up crews for the aftermath; the Porta-Potty ascetics of Williams Square?) However, for those who really want to know: A flugtag event is where individuals with little brain or candle power build contraptions that they believe/think/hope will “fly” after being launched off a 30’ ramp.  The flugtag that goes the farthest before crashing (which they all do) into the lake “wins.”  Orville and Wilbur are probably tail spinning in their graves. Should Irving and mayor BVD be proud that this is the best that was available for the city after losing the Cowboys and Byron Nelson?  Is this another joke that Dallas, Arlington and Frisco have played on Irving allowing them to snicker with glee at our expense?  Would someone check to see if the city manager has opened his Economic Development ‘lock box’ to float any city bucks for these feather brains to fly their gizmos into Lake Carolyn?  Will the Lubbock Mafia enter a nine seat flugtag to launch the Irving council into the ethernet?  What’s next on the mayor’s agenda to bring to the city after the elite tennis matches ($400M) and this flugtag event?  Could tax payers witness the first ever National Shiner Bock Bed Racing finals?  Or how about the Budweiser Conker Smashing Invitational?  If the mayor really wants to ‘smoke’ Dallas, Arlington and Frisco, then maybe she could steal the Hemp Olympics from Australia.  Send any of your future festival and ‘economic development’ ideas to mayor BVD or the CCR for consideration.  You can play a valuable role in making Irving the wild and crazy “Fun Festival” city of the metroplex.      

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