Sunday, September 8, 2013

ZAP! #138: Money Safety

ZAP! #138

     To put a period on a previous CCR dwT, we just have to issue a BIG THANK YOU to Irving’s state Representative and Chief Campaign-fund Troller, Linda Harper Brown.

     In dwT #34, we were a bit steamed that Harper-Brown was the author of a recent piece of legislation, effective September 1, 2013, that required all Texas vehicles to have a front license plate or be subjected to a $200 fine.  Recognizing that any campaign funds given to Harper-Brown, from lobbyist or other special interest concerns, certainly wouldn’t influence her decision on this topic (snicker), then the rationale for her must have been based on safety.  Yes, that’s the ticket...pun  Safety!(?)  For once in her long-camping adventure in Austin, she was looking after the safety and welfare of not only those in her district, but all Texans in general.  Are you feeling all warm and runny inside now?

     It would be foolish for one to believe that lobbyist and special interest groups would consider this new legislation as a revenue enhancement for their local coffers.  Mindless thinking!(?)  Only a cynic or an individual who had to foot a $60 bill for a front license plate holder/labor would have these devious thoughts.  Ask a staff member of the CCR, as they can vouch for this.

     And for all the restored and classic car enthusiasts, owners of special/exotic vehicles with streamlined front ends, or individuals who once had their fraternity or businesses reflected on their front license plate, don’t you fee much safer now?  Now, tollway cameras or airport booths can tag you coming and going.

     To prove how safety, not revenue enhancement, must have been the issue for this wrongheaded piece of legislation by Harper-Brown, Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, conducted a highly scientific and statistically sound survey.  On a short six minute drive late Sunday afternoon from La Madeline restaurant on MacArthur Boulevard to his residence, he spotted eighteen vehicles that were now in violation of the new state law authored by Harper-Brown.  Eighteen!
     Let’s do the math.  18 X $200 = $3,600 PLUS estimated installation cost of $60 x 18 = $1,080 for a grand total of $4,680 in six minutes.  See, the math doesn’t lie.  The issue must have been safety, not revenue enhancement for local coffers.

     Instead of thanking Harper-Brown for authoring this fat-headed legislation, maybe we should be thanking her for the economic boom she has provided to Texas in fines and car dealer services.  If the numbers for revenues received in fines are added up, this new flow could probably buy everyone in the state a new car that has front license plates.  Certainly, this would be better than the “Cash for Clunkers” program your national representatives sponsored.  After all, who could buy a decent car with clunker cash?

     When you see Harper-Brown on the campaign trail for her November primary election, be sure to thank her for staff of the CCR.  We would ask you to give her our bill for the front license plate installation, but her special interest and lobbying friends might not like her spending their bucks for the opposition to their sacred cow issue.

……………………..Mark Holbrook