Friday, November 22, 2013

CCRs dwT #51: The Doctor Is In

Dylan sez…
(a short and timely jotting for CCR twits Tweeters)


dwT #51:  Does someone need to contact the American Medical Association?  Is state representative Linda Harper-Brown now practicing medicine without a license?

Backstory clue for the information impaired:   In another of her slick, nearly comical and high priced consultant-designed political brochures for the upcoming primary, Harper-Brown claims she is the “cure” for ObamaCare.  For a governmental, dictated, health care rollout that appears to be on life support, one would doubt that even Harper-Brown has enough PAC, special interest and “sugar daddy” bucks to save this flawed system.  This is true when 93% of the population now believes ObamaCare is straight lining on the heart monitor.  Perhaps, Harper-Brown’s “cure” is to call a chaplain to perform the last rites ceremony on ObamaCare.

     If Harper-Brown really wants to “cure” something, then maybe she could heal public concerns about how all of her campaign loans, over all the years she has been trolling for bucks and receiving loans from J. Ralph and hubby, have been handled, paid off or closed out.  Would a full disclosure of this be of benefit to the recovery process of an electorate that has nearly OD’d on all her spin, photo ops and lack of sponsoring legislation...except to have police ticket folks without front license plates?  Has anyone seen, or has she filed any required state reports as to how these loans to her campaign were resolved?

     There is a unique twist in the Texas campaign finance laws that few folks might be familiar with.  If an individual loans their campaign money (in this case her hubby?), then interest can accrue on the loan at an interest rate (within nebulous limits) determined by the candidate.  Sid Miller, former state politico, once loaned his campaign $10,000 and recently repaid himself $31,000.  And remember, the “interest” portion on this loan could have been ginned by additional contributions from his sponsors, PACs and other special interest concerns.  Could state candidate loan repayments be considered a supplemental retirement benefit for benched or has been politicos?  After all, these loan repayments could add up to be a fairly decent retirement nest egg!

     Knowing how Harper-Brown has always kowtowed to her ‘drug providers’ -- PACs and special interest groups -- her prescription for “curing” the average Irving (and Grand Prairie) voter this campaign -- wondering about matters of this nature -- might be: turn your head when you cough, take two aspirin and call someone who really cares in the morning.

A note from counsel: Some “Tweets” from Dylan Westie have been injected with fabricated nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, modifiers and maybe a few dangling participles….Mark Holbrook