Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CCRs dwT #55: Me for Me

Dylan sez…
(a short and timely jotting for CCR twits Tweeters)

dwT #55:  In the all too often occurrences revolving around her penultimate decision making processes, mayor BVD will issue a mayoral-inspired proclamation at the January 9th Irving city council meeting that just might spike your peeved meter.  The proclamation will emphatically state and officially announce, sans benefit or concurrence from the council, that in Irving: 2014,The Year of ME.

Backstory clue for the information impaired:  One thing about mayoral politics, that rings as true as a bell, is that mayors do not like to see other mayoral accomplishments shine brighter than theirs.  And by now, many readers of the CCR are familiar with the city proclamation recently proposed, endorsed and signed by Tom Hayden, mayor of Flower Mound, who proclaimed: 2014, The Year of the Bible.  Of course, mayor Hayden received plenty of attention and media coverage...even national media folks were soon worked into a feeding frenzy questioning his motives and authority.  However, what never was reflected in the coverage of this self-absorbed and non-official city action by the mayor was that he was merely mingling his local politics with Tea Party dogma for self-serving purposes.  But then, one has to remember he is just another individual in the long line of egocentric politicos.

     And speaking of egocentricity.  Since mayor BVDs political tack could be a tad sharper than that of the Flower Mound mayor, she plans to keep her upcoming proclamation devoted to the one and only issue so near and dear to her heart...her re-election campaign.  And what better way to kick off a campaign than to ensure that everything is centered around her...not her record or misaligned vision for the city.  While she will not gain national media coverage with her proclamation, she will see to it that the PR firm (gleefully provided by her ‘campaign sugar daddy?’) floods the city with brochures, T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, pens and pencils, note pads, spa and massage treatment coupons, water bottles, magnetic car signs, mane salon treatments, bumper stickers, condoms, billboards, yard signs, free oil change and car wash coupons and newspaper ads.  Considering all her special interest supporters fueling this travesty of misinformation, money isn’t an issue.  

     In a glamor shot pose, flipping her mane, all of mayor BVDs campaign materials will incorporate her proclamation and be emblazoned with the following slogan: “2014, The Year of ME...no one else is necessary!”

     If you would like to assist mayor BVD by providing a more fitting slogan that would be in tune with what citizens envision in their mayor, send your suggestions to the CCR.  We’ll make certain that mayor BVD is made aware of what the citizenry has on THEIR minds.  And we doubt that it has anything to do with egocentricity! 

A note from counsel: Some “Tweets” from Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, have been injected with fabricated nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, modifiers and maybe a few dangling participles….Mark Holbrook