Thursday, February 20, 2014

CCR 02-20-14: Tweeting Paws

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     As an integral part of Dylan Westie’s attempt to be placed on the ballot for mayor of Irving, he will be using the “social” media to reach out or ‘wolf’ his opinions on the issues facing the city council.  What this means for the technology impaired is that Dylan will be Tweeting.

     Even if or when Dylan is officially notified that he is not eligible to be placed on the city’s ballot (cough...discrimination), he will continue to use this venue for timely notifications.  Additionally, he will be re-instated as the CCRs Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith.

     To follow Dylan on Twitter, you’ll need to “follow” him (Dylan Westie) at: @dylanwestie1  And who doesn’t like a cute dog who might have more common sense than some local elected officials?

     For readers of the CCR reports, fear not.  The reports will still be published as frequently as before.  This notification of Dylan’s Tweeting is for those who want a bit more of the inane actions of your elected officials.  And to demonstrate how inane it can become, the following tweets have already been placed on the Internets ethereal-fog for the world to witness.  See what you missed by not signing up to follow Dylan’s campaign tweets? 

If money is the mother's milk for politicos,some Irving CC members should be committed to lactose intolerant rehab after tonight's meeting

mayor BVD insists free Texas Wild tickets not be cheap $2,500 ones but $5,000 Owner's Club boxes. LaMorgese concurs with racquet in hand.

City council meets tonight. Free tickets for all speakers (only elite) approving  the $300,000 Texas Wild tennis event with your tax bucks??

Hey! 1st Tweet.Thanks kind words on campaign. While ineligible will still wolf opinions via CCR blog. Great DMN and CBS coverage of kick-off


     And for those who did not see Dylan’s kick-off for mayor, the link to the D/FW Channel 11, CBS coverage is:

     Or the very insightful article in the Dallas Morning News:

     Late breaking news:  Christine Lee with NBCDFW Ch 5 just completed an interview with Dylan.  It is supposed to air at 5:00 PM today.

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………………….Mark Holbrook