Sunday, March 16, 2014

CCR 03-16-14: Place 3 Council Race

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

       The third race in the city council elections for May 10th presents the same dilemma as detailed in the Place 5 race (CCR 03-12-14)...experience vs. newbie; and as an added thrill...candidate vs. potential BVD slate member.   In Place 3, the current incumbent, Dennis Webb is being challenged by Billy Hickman.

     Readers of prior CCR reports will note that we have not always agreed or been too kind with our opinions regarding Webb on several city issues.  In fact, we took him to task as soon as it was disclosed his original campaign funding was heavily pumped with Billy Bob Bucks.  However, Webb is now two-thirds the man he once was.  Could this represent a change in his attitude and decision making as he seeks re-election?

     When first elected, Webb’s tri-personality was as a fireman, preacher and citizen council member when he spouted from the council dais.  At times, it was difficult to determine which voice, sounding with the inflection of a demonic Meerkat, was chastising audience members in condescending tongues.  Now, retired from the Grand Prairie fire department, Webb is left with only two voices to offer his opines...preacher and citizen council member.  Being staunch supporters of the separation between church and state, the CCR would hope he would save his sermons for Sunday.

     While staff of the CCR does not know or has ever met Hickman, his campaign bio reads like a “See Billy Run” political primer.  Meaning, he would weigh-in (very light weight division) as a very green, political novice.  With regards to what has been occurring in Irving the past several years, does Irving really need to ‘Go Green’ in this instance?  However, we might also worry about some of the company he has picked up which could tend to tarnish his ‘good guy’ image.  Trolling the local blogs, it appears campaign dust, in support of his candidacy, is being heavily fanned into the air by the flapping wings of several Flying Harpies. 

     If so, then this could present the same concern previously expressed in the CCR for Ward in the Place 5 race...mayor BVD (through her surrogates) attempting to gather additional Pet Rocks for her council collection.

     With no name recognition or previous service on city boards or commissions, one has to wonder if Hickman is being recruited as a opposed to being a viable candidate.

     Without resounding eagerness and the desire he would annul his sometimes council-relationship with mayor BVD, staff of the CCR would recommend that voters re-elect Dennis Webb for the Place 3 Irving city council position.

     This is the final CCR report on recommendations for Irving’s council elections.  Later reports will detail campaign happenings (like the “Beth” petition filing and campaign sign chuckle fest), campaign finance report disclosures, and the ever important...who ‘slung’ the most mud into the voter’s sty via brochures or local blogs!

     Stay tuned and read who will be putting the most lipstick on their prized Poland China.  

CCRs May 10th Election Selections

Mayor: Dylan Westie:  Ineligible for write-in, but his recent world-wide mayoral acceptance, encouragement and self-promotion tour still outshines the other two candidates.
Place 3: Dennis Webb:  Time for him to save the citizens and banish special interest groups.
Place 5: Rose Cannaday:  New egg timer will assist in keeping campaign rhetoric short and on point. 

…………………………...Mark Holbrook