Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CCR 03-12-14: Place 5 Council Race

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     Under normal circumstances (which have never been defined here), staff of the CCR would just review candidates vying for a city council seat and provide the best information possible for voters to choose a candidate on their own. (Please, no snickering.)  We really don’t enjoy ‘picking’ favorites as this makes the reports appear to be a political ‘arm’ for a particular candidate.  And that would be an unacceptable assessment to our feeble attempts at being an EEOC-cat kicker.

     Besides, some candidates would probably wish that we wouldn’t even mention their name in a CCR report (good or bad review) especially, when we happen to name them as a ‘chosen’ one! 

     However, in the Place 5 city council race this year, there appears to be more afoot than most readers might suspect.  Utilizing all four feet and sniffing around mayor BVD and her political encampment -- now that his mayoral chances have faded -- Dylan may have uncovered the latest “conspiracy theory” for the May 10th city council election. 

     Dylan has detected a musky odor of collusion on mayor BVD as she again attempts to stack the council deck with those who would blindly pledge their fealty to her whims and fancies.

     Remember the 2013, council contests where her ‘picks’ were soundly defeated?  If you don’t, then ask Stewart and Byers how they faired with her all-out efforts at council deck-stacking.  This renewed exercise in political skullduggery by mayor BVD is another of her politically sad attempts to increase her Pet Rock collection on the council.

***  May 10, 2014 City Election   ***
Place 5 Candidates:    Rose Cannaday  vs.  Oscar Ward

     As noted, the Place 5 race will offer mayor BVD another opportunity to add to her Pet Rock collection on the council.  First, if her ‘chosen one,’ Ward, should be victorious, then her collection increases to three (Collection now includes Farris and LaMorgese...with Danish in the wings when needed or directed by mayor BVD for certain issues.)

     Should this happen and Ward is elected, she would eliminate the one council member, Cannaday, who has challenged her on many of those obtuse, mishandled and egotistical actions performed as Irving’s mayor.  Additionally, this would eliminate a few ‘cat fights’ that mayor BVD provoked and attempted to defend.  Why, this would even come as a personal cost savings to mayor BVD as it stops all those costly trips to the salon for claw sharpening.  

     However, the citizenry will be severely shortchanged with good representation if mayor BVD increases her Pet Rock collection in this election.

     And where is the pudding for this proof?  Who really needs pudding...or pie?  Just look at the signs...literally.  Whenever one spies a mayor BVD yard sign, a Ward sign will be planted so close to hers one has to wonder if vows were taken by these two at the Las Vegas Elvis Presley wedding chapel.

     Another consideration:  Isn’t Ward in a major partnership with two of mayor BVDs core supporters and campaigners?  Didn’t this partnership recently sue the city and is now attempting to secure a very long term lease on city-owned property?  Additionally, doesn’t this partnership have their hands out to obtain $150,000 (estimate only) of city bucks to develop a food/beer truck ‘garden‘ in beautiful downtown Irving?  

     And please, no excuses by the apologist for a potential council member stating they could recluse themselves from voting on an issue where they personally have a pecuniary interest.  This fabricated excuse is about as lame as a politico stating campaign contributions do not influence their votes.  Spare the voters the chuckles, please!

     Another factor to be considered will be: “Where did all the campaign bucks for mayor BVD and Ward come from?”  Of course, the current requirements of reporting contributions are not as transparent or rigid as they should that expenditures, in-kind items and other ‘considerations’ are often left to be posted on the candidates final report...which is after the election is over!  Assuming, of course, all items are reported. 

     While the CCR has disagreed with some of Cannaday’s positions on issues in the past, we never could state that her verbose litanies on any topic were incomplete!  And the fact that she managed to sludge through the banal and self-serving rhetoric often served by mayor BVD on many issues should rate her two gold stars for ‘bravery in the line of duty’ on her incumbency score card.  And she has the scratches to prove this.  

     This is a critical time, and election in Irving.  Isn’t it best to trust a know representative, Cannaday, over one that may need a Red Cap to tote some of his baggage, Ward, to the council dais starting on day one?

     As the Place 5 campaign begins to heat up and fluffy brochures hit your mail box (while Flying Harpy postings on FaceBook are being dropped all over the Internet) from mayor BVD and her chosen Pet Rock, Ward , voters should read between the lines.  And it really shouldn’t be too hard to determine or de-code it’s not a “conspiracy theory” when evidence and the rationale employed to discredit Cannaday is presented.  Especially, when all these PR materials are scripted by highly paid PR consultants for mayor BVD and Ward.  Remember, you only have to believe what you read in the CCR!

     If you will now excuse staff of the CCR, we have to go stock up on some necessary supplies.  We will be heading to our fall-out/bunker shelter, at an undisclosed location.  A flock of Flying Harpies is currently being tracked on our radar screen and approaching, in dive bomb-mode, for picking/endorsing/encouraging CCR readers to re-elect Rose Cannaday for Place 5 on the Irving city council.

     If the CCR communication lines are still operable by the end of the week, the Place 3 city council race will be examined, detailed and transmitted.

…………………...Mark Holbrook