Saturday, April 26, 2014

CCR 04-26-14: Looking Askew

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     Politicians are about as predictable as the weather.  Their shifty personas and clandestine activities occur primarily when one thinks they could actually do something right...only to see them flip and slide into their self-serving mode of political expediency.  And this seems to be a major problem with most governmental entities...incompetent politicos ignoring the actual desires, needs and basic rights of individuals.

     A recent and classic example of local flipping-spin would be how mayor BVD handled her endorsement for mayor by the DMN.  Or more specifically, how she didn’t handle the endorsement would be a more accurate picture of how she operates...along with the political demon that possesses her PR campaign with her blessing.

     Granted, the entire endorsement was not flattering.  (It almost read like a glass half-empty being poured.)  While the DMN did “endorse” her for mayor, the accurate and cutting qualifiers seem to outweigh the positive aspects for anyone who could be elected to this position.  At least, this is the impression staff of the CCR and many others, who keep a finger on the pulse of the Irving political beast, believe.

     The problem with mayor BVDs skimpy utilization of the DMN endorsement, for PR usage, begs the question: Why didn’t she print the entire endorsement in her political campaign claptrap instead of just a few, select sentences?  And why was the entire DMN endorsement taken off a political blog site where her flock of Flying Harpies and Vacuous Ogres congregate to dismissively trash all with opposing viewpoints of her actual leadership abilities?  Okay, that was two questions.

     Without having to put a thinking cap on, staff of the CCR determined a reason mayor BVD might not want the entire DMN endorsement printed and circulated in her campaign materials.  Was her using a “Cliff Notes” version of the endorsement due to the language describing her attributes while serving as mayor the reason?  Were the following words those mayor BVD wanted to hide from public view and from voters who might not receive the DMN?  Here are the words you may have missed by reading all her fluffy political ads: haughty, aloof, distant, dismissive, more engaging and more persuasive.  Yep, that’s Irving’s mayor according to the DMN.

     If you were running a for-profit business, would you really want to hire a CEO having these traits and characteristics?  Would an individual of this calibre really be an asset to your organization?

     Of course, the DMN seems to be awakening to what many in Irving have known, realized and had the unpleasant fortune of encountering over the past three years.  And these realizations are not just from the politically informed minority.  There are vendors, developers and ordinary citizens (maybe even a few city staff individuals) who could bear witness to the self-serving, ego inflated and mean spirited actions mayor BVD has exercised during this three year reign.  (If not directly by her, then by her trolls on blog sites.)

     All of this is not to state or infer staff of the CCR endorses or supports mayor BVDs opponent.  What this and other reports on this topic have reflected is the DMN did little service to the candidates and the city with their less than endorsing endorsement.  This would have been an opportune time when no endorsement, of either Irving mayoral candidate, would have been totally appropriate.  Certainly, this might have saved the city some embarrassment!

     After all, in this mayoral election, there is no ‘lesser of two evils’ for the Irving citizenry to vote on.  The voters only have to decide which evil they will be willing tolerate for three years.

……………………...Mark Holbrook 

Note:  Click on the following link for the entire DMN endorsement.