Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CCR 06-24-14: Define This

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     For readers to better understand the spin which will occur at the Wednesday city council work session, related to agenda item #24 (contract extension for OliverMcMillan) and the “optional consideration” for a Tennis Center on the Texas Stadium site, staff of the CCR provides the following political-linguistic lesson

Webster’s definition:  optional |ˈäpSHənl|, adjective; available to be chosen but not obligatory.
QueenB VDs definition:  optional |muST have|, demand; not subject to discussion.

     Now that everyone is on the same page for the upcoming agenda item, it will be interesting to see how QueenB VD continues to spread Harry Potter’s ‘cloak of invisibility’ on this entire Texas Stadium site issue.  As previously noted in CCR reports, the city has an agreement with TxDOT for several more years to utilize the stadium site.  And to cancel this agreement will cost the city millions.  That’s millions!  And for what germane issue?

     However, a more significant concern, by extending the current agreement with OliverMcMillan and allowing them to proceed to the next phase of this edifice to QueenB VDs ego, is: Why does she want to have the most expensive property in the city’s inventory wasted on another ‘shopping mall’ that could feature a money losing Tennis Center?  

     Staff of the CCR doesn’t have an answer.  And the mane flipping and political drivel QueenB VD blathers concerning the non-grandiose scheme, for the TV cameras, doesn’t answer the question either.

     A secondary and even more critical question would be: Will the queen’s Pet Rocks finally fracture and become cognizant of what is actually going on in the city...and most certainly with this project?  Of course, this might be too much to ask of these pebbles as the queen’s mead (Kool-Aid) is very potent and the pebbles have been sipping it for an extended period of time.

     How many Pet Rocks will be able to detox before the final vote, on this preposterous subterfuge QueenB VD is pushing, on Thursday evening?  

     If you have a little time on your hands, you might give the queen,Pet Rocks and other council members a call, or drop them a note registering your concerns.  (Contact info listed below.)

     While staff of the CCR is in the word defining mode, we’ll wait and see how the council votes on the Farmers Market/Food Truck/Whistle Stop item before tackling the definition of ‘conflict of interest.’  We may have to order a large supply of Glade® to spray the council chambers to eliminate the heavy stench and aroma of conflict after this vote.
……………………..Mark Holbrook

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