Sunday, June 22, 2014

CCR 06-23-14: Irving's Alamo

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     It’s official.  QueenB VD has set a new record for self-promotion.  With the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Dallas this week, one might even anticipate her scheduled photo ops and interviews to exceed her lifetime NPD-expectations and goals.

     What is amazing with the queen’s new record is she has surpassed a record recently established by President Obama.  Now that’s classy when one can best the president at something!

     President Obama’s record: He has maybe played more rounds of golf during his time in office than the total rounds of golf played by the previous three presidents combined.  The total number of Obama link-hackings, at the time of this report, is 178.  Of course, many of these outings were when there was a national crisis brewing and bubbling over in the Oval Office.       

     QueenB VD, on the other hand, has bested her old photo op record and started her trek to new heights in self-promotion, glamor shots and NPD-actions never before witnessed in Irving.  And like the president, the Queen believes a good photo op always trumps a deficient leadership style. 

     The event responsible for her new record was the recent TV ‘interview’* regarding the possible Texas Stadium site development.  While the TV piece was pure fluff -- where nothing new was mentioned or detail not already know presented -- she blathered like a grand poohbah of Irving economic development.  This self-aggrandizing action also seemed to be a prelude for assembling her Pet Rock collection, in a straight line, to approve (06-26-14) whatever she dictates for the single source developer, OliverMcMillan, she has privately been confabbing with about this site.  

     (Note: This is the developer she met in Las Vegas and then immediately pushed through a MOU before anyone had a real opportunity to discuss or question why the rush for the most valuable piece of property Irving owns.) 

     The TV ‘interview’ was also a prelude for having her Mother Superior of Flying Harpies stir the flock with blog postings regarding the “queen’s vision” of the site for potential shopping adventures for high end purses, designer clothing and restaurants featuring Dom Perignon -- with a lime wedge -- as table drinking ‘water.’  Quite an impressive babbling by the Flying Harpies for a potential development that has not even progressed to a finalized conceptual drawing!  The only thing missing in these blog ramblings was: Did the queen’s Las Vegas meeting or later discussions with OliverMcMillan cement her desire that a Tennis Center should be more than an “optional consideration” for the Texas Stadium site?

     In review:  Her chosen and self-anointed developer has had six months to develop a conceptual plan for the Texas Stadium site.  Of course, this would be merely a conceptual plan (yet to be approved by the entire council) with no cost identified for actual implementation or construction.  Nor has any determination been made as to where the funding might come from to move forward on such a plan.  And certainly, no consideration has been given to the rationale for the haste to move on this project at this time. 

     Regardless, the queen wants to extend OliverMcMillan’s agreement to the next stage for development...again without seeking competitive alternatives.  

     Isn’t it foolhardy to push this project forward at this time?  Has the queen even considered the present crucial and critical financial considerations for the funding being dolled out for the ARK Entertainment Center and the new hotel at the convention center site utilizing HOT tax bucks?  Does the queen realize the HOT tax bucks are already spread about as thin as warm butter on dry toast?

     Of course, all this apparently doesn’t phase QueenB VD, as she want’s her developer to have a contract extension to move the entire project forward...again, as a single source without seeking comparative alternatives.  So much for her drooling campaign mantras of transparency, competitive alternatives and ethics.  Should one think that her media exposure, desire for a central legacy issue (Tennis Center?) and coercing Pet Rocks to follow her whims, fancies and dictates are the genuine considerations here? 

     So, the question remains: Why is QueenB VD so antsy, dogmatic and pushy about moving forward on a project which hasn’t even reached a ‘must-do-now’ consideration for the city’s most valued piece of property?  What is the real rush?  What is the real agenda?  Where is the real transparency? 

     All the recent fluffy TV interview managed to accomplish was to set Flying Harpies aflutter and allow the queen a bit of face time on a local TV channel.  (Was this the actual goal all along?)  And woe be the critic, cynic or straight thinker who even questions the wisdom of QueenB VDs actions or the inane justifications for her actions spewed on blogs by Flying Harpies.  

     After all, those relentless, vitriolic, fiery Flying Harpy blog blasts have a tendency to singe sane, logical and rational rebuttals of concerned citizens, who do not trade in spin, to ashes. 

……………………...Mark Holbrook