Monday, August 18, 2014

CCR 08-17-14: Limited Edition

Note:  This Limited Edition* of the report was sent to just a few friends on the CCR mailing list for their chuckling enjoyment.  However, after receiving several amusing comments, staff of the CCR decided to post this on the blog.  In so doing, the wrath of the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies will probably swoop down on the entire CCR staff and cart us off to her Tower of Obedience…where we will  languish without WiFi capabilities.  MH

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”


         It has come to the attention of the staff of the CCR that some subjects of QueenB VDs realm may not be following all edicts issued from her throne at city hall.  As can be imagined, this upsets and disturbs the queen to no end.  Even the word ‘hissy fit’ doesn’t cover her aggravation.

     Knowing that several significant events, requiring her undivided attention, will occur in the near future (ARK groundbreaking which might cause her to have a mane-flipping/Hollywood-posing photo op seizure; single source OliverMcMillan’s Tennis Center proposal; and the single train engine with a conflicting caboose pulling into the Whistle Stop development), the queen will be implementing a new battle plan.

     QueenB VD has directed her Mother Superior of Flying Harpies to assemble the flock and prepare to quash any and all opinions, thoughts, or expressions that do not coincide with the queen’s whims or temperament.  The Mother Superior of Flying Harpies will monitor all social media postings, listen to all speakers at council meetings, and advise other harpies, in the flock, which subjects should be rained down on with critical rejoinders, harsh verbiage or posting of counter attacks with downright ‘fluffy and fuzzy’ spin that would appease the queen.

     If readers of the CCR doubt the effectiveness of the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies, staff of the CCR recently had a drone fly over her headquarters in the queen’s Tower of Obedience.

     Remember, this is who you will be doing battle with should you desire to evade the queen’s edicts, or register any moaning, complaints, or groveling:

…………………Mark Holbrook  (Not me in the above pic!)

* LIMITED EDITION:  This "report" was sent to a very few, select readers of the CCR and was not blasted to the entire readership list.  This doesn’t make you special, but means you can take a joke, agree with the imbedded satirical message, or just enjoy "kicking the cat."  What you do with the report after receiving it is at your discretion.  However, staff of the CCR would suggest you not forward to the queen, a flying harpy or any of the queen’s Kool-Aid-mead sippers…they are not as easily amused!  MH