Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CCR 09-16-14: The Autocracy Pen

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     Here we go again!  Would someone please take QueenB VDs BIC® pen away?

     It wasn’t bad enough the queen signed the US Conference of Mayors letter, in support of the Time Warner/Comcast merger, to the Federal Communications Commission.  This merger could, in effect, be considered anti-Net Neutrality and promise to have chilling results on future cable rates for Irving subscribers.  

     And remember, her signature as mayor of the City of Irving, for this potential merger, was done without any notification, consent or approval of the entire city council.

     Well, QueenB VDs Autocracy mindset has kicked-in again with her signing a new, highly partisan letter.  She has put pen to parchment for yet another missive, which basically is dripping with Tea Party leaves, in an apparent attempt to demonstrate, to her shallow thinking base, she is working on their behalf.

     (Does she not realize she is supposed to represent the city of Irving and not a particular national political faction?  Does she not consider Democrats, normal Conservatives, Libertarians, or Independents in the city worthy of having a voice in her realm?)  

     Needless to say, this latest partisan letter, replete with enough political dogma to choke a horse, was signed by her as mayor of the City of Irving…again without benefit of city council consideration, notification, or approval.  When did the mayor’s position in the City of Irving become so politically polarized?  

     Do you think voters in 2012 realized they may have elected the city’s first Tea Party mayor?  Talk about transparency…QueenB VD hid her true colors under her "cloak of invisibility" very well.  (Of course, she probably would have denied, at least thrice, this charge…had it been made.)

     For all these years, staff of the CCR believed our local representatives were political-party neutral and interested only in what was best for the city.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear QueenB VD has these same sentiments.  Of course, could all of this letter signing, propping up the local Tea Party agenda and acting in her own self-interest, be a prelude to seeking another office?  (How soon?  Could we assist in packing her bags?  Tell her sugar daddy contributors, PACs and special interest concerns we’ll foot the bill this time.)  

     Regardless, what makes the latest letter signing by QueenB VD so witless and insensitive to the citizenry is the fact she actually believes she is conducting city business with these actions.  Many might contend she is doing "the queen’s business."  More astute observers could infer the queen is merely maxing out a possible NPD affliction.  (And when one adds AHD, PPP and J&HS, this toxicity could only point to a lack of genuine leadership for the city.)

     If QueenB VD is so proud of all the letter signing she has recently been a party to, resulting from her participation in the US Conference of Mayors, then why isn’t she sending out copies of these letters in her infamous e-mail blasts alerting all the citizenry of her actions of grandeur?  Oh, wait!  Some of her potential supporters may actually harbor the seeds of a "radical agenda," or support programs she does not favor.  Seriously, the "radical agenda" the queen is railing against in Irving (or the US Conference of Mayors) just might be a figment of her imagination.  (Is the tiara pressing too hard on the cranium?)  

     Another salient point to remember, with all of the queen’s Autocracy actions, is: Your tax dollars pay for her membership in the US Conference of Mayors.  Staff of the CCR feels the queen is getting her monies worth, but are Irving citizens?

     One example of the queen’s "radical agenda" scenario, as might be concluded from her latest dispatch, would be something akin to:  Tennis Center on the old Texas Stadium site = "Yes, says the queen.  Not radical!  Build it…now!" vs.  South Irving recreational center = "You’ve got to be kidding.  This is a radical concept.  This would even benefit peons and serfs in ‘beautiful downtown Irving!’"

     Another example could be: Pilfer designated funds for the potential black hole of spending referred to as the Texas Musicians Museum = "Good for the city and good for queenly photo ops. Not radical!" vs.  Keep designated city funds intact for the city’s Historical Museum = "RADICAL! This museum would benefit peons and serfs and be scant on potential queenly photo ops." 

     Hopefully, one day the serfs and peons of Irving will awaken to finally realizing that any action QueenB VD takes on basically any issue in the city (or in conjunction with the US Conference of Mayors in DC) is solely designed to promote, pimp and advance her political persona, mane flipping and partisan career forward.  Truly sad!  
…………………..Mark Holbrook

     The latest letter, with the queen’s signature, is reflected in an article from a Texas Tea Party-ish organization.  We will only send the link to those who want to read the spinning claptrap of the mayor’s "achievements" in ‘fighting’ the "radical agenda."  By not listing the article link here, we are attempting to spare CCR readers from finding out they might be part of the queen’s "radical agenda" in their efforts to make Irving a vibrant city. 

     And in the case of QueenB VD, she certainly might not know vibrancy is as objective as a "radical agenda."  We all understand the world political spectrum flows from ISIS followers, who murder innocents and lop off the heads of non-believers…to the other extreme of rigid, non-tolerant ultra-conservatives, who trample on the heads of those with differing opinions and belief systems.  Both ends of this political spectrum are dangerous to any political system as neither wants to recognize the free will and character of  individuals.

     While on the topic of credos, perhaps a name change might now be in the offering for the KIA, Keep Irving Accountable, blog on FaceBook.  With the queen’s minions and Flying Harpies laying waste to this site and those having differing opinions, the blog might be more appropriately titled KITS, Keep Irving Tea Sipping.