Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CCR/DW 09-17-14: Big Bird Math

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QueenB foregoes her Tea Party "radical agenda" screed by pushing for costly projects in the final budget. Can't add to budget and reduce taxes!


PostScript:  Maybe QueenB needs to start watching Sesame Street…especially when they feature the letter "H" for hypocrisy!  She, along with ten other mayors, recently decried the "radical agenda" of those who do not subscribe to the tenets of her Tea Party pals.  While this all sounded good on paper when signed, the fact in Irving remains: If the queen wants something, then it’s okay and not ‘radical.’ 

     One day, QueenB may explain how her royal-math demonstrates that reducing the tax rate (her party mantra) will: keep all necessary and required city services in place and capable of handling future needs and replacements; provide increased budget expenditures for queenly special projects; and not pose insurmountable tax increases in the next three years!

     Pet Rocks are still attempting to avoid the wrath of the queen by looking for a compromise to her wanting $0.015 cut from the current rate.  At least, the Pet Rocks focused on the tax rate discussions in today’s work session meeting and not tweeting.

     This will be your last chance to inform the queen that the current rate is workable, not ‘radical’ and may even have a buck or two for one of her special photo op projects.  The council will vote on the final tax rate and the 2014-2015 budget tomorrow evening.  Inform the queen the time is now to face the reality of city infrastructure needs, cutting the political spin, and pandering to a national party affiliation.

     After all, the letter "H" has no germane use in any political discussion or letter writing campaigns the Queen uses for a forum.

Beth VanDuyne: