Thursday, September 4, 2014

CCR/DW 09-3&4-14: Bogus Magic & Budget

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Dylan Westie   @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

1)  Tonight QueenB will "waive conflict of interest" for supporter. One either has a conflict or not! Magic scepter able to perform dubious waiver?

PostScript:  Full details of this ‘magic’ act in 09-03-14 CCR report located @  Be entertained while watching the Pet Rocks laud their queen’s performance.  Remember, 7:00 p.m. on the city’s ICTN channel.

2)  QueenB still dictating and not listening to professionals about pitfalls of reducing tax rate now! Does an Rx for NPD/AHD/PPP need a refill?

PostScript:  It appears her primary concern during this entire 2014-15 budget process has been an attempt to score a couple ‘political points’ with a few of her Tea sipping pals.  Her Ouija board of budget understanding doesn’t point to "responsible," but rather to "Me."  Sadly, a Pet Rock or two might be crumbling due to the queen’s incessant blathering and non-stop petty questioning of genuine professionals.