Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CCR 10-29-14: Political Pervert Parade?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   You’ll note from the enclosed pic that the BE-PUT (Bogus Express - Pick Up Truck) is being prepped by QueenB VD and Rodney Anderson to inundate the polls — for early voting (ends Friday) and on election day Tuesday, November 4, 2014 — with mind altering materials and scalding Tea.  The plan is to bombard the polls with enough materials to confuse, complicate and confound voters to believe that Tea is the new city drink.  In fact, voters are asked to donate three Tea bags in order to receive an official Rodney Anderson District 105 ballot.  (This is his answer to voter ID.)

   See how gleeful QueenB VD and Anderson are as they leave the bed of the pick up truck, after ensuring there is plenty of bogus complaints, bologna, Torofeca, and Tea loaded?  All these items will be spread on ill informed and unsuspecting Irving voters.  Missing from being loaded on the BE-PUT will be the flyers with the queen’s regal endorsement of Anderson.  For those who may have forgotten, the queen stated on Anderson’s campaign FaceBook page: "…a man of honesty, integrity…" (The queen’s statement almost sounds as if she might again have been describing herself.  Now that’s a snicker!)  

   Of course, the queen’s statement was made prior to the Anderson house of cards tumbling down and the bogus "complaint," filed against Susan Motley, revealed.  

   Yes, the queen and Anderson really know how to work the political processes and con voters.  However, the only thing missing from the picture might be Anderson’s campaign "strategist," Casteel.  

   Rumor has it Casteel was, at pic time, giving an exclusive interview to the Dallas Morning News on how he possibly managed to shuffle the bogus "complaint" around to allow voters to receive dirty trick mailings days before the complaint was received by the US Office of  Special Counsel. (1)  And without the diligent work of an astute DMN reporter, voters would still be brainwashed with all the bogus information from the Anderson camp.  Kudos DMN

   (Article(2) detailing the bogus "complaint" bamboozle and apology by the Texas Republican Party is provided.  Do you think even the Texas Republican Party now believes the Tea which Anderson has been serving might be too toxic to their overall interest?  Has Anderson’s antics driven the dawn of  politics, with integrity, back to the Stone Age…where the candidate will say or do anything to secure a vote?)

   Actually, Casteel may be airing the tires on all the Special Interest vehicles to be used assisting QueenB VD and Anderson in their Magical Misinformation Tour and parade to spread the gigantic load of bogus campaign blathering.  (The parade and number of Special Interest vehicles assisting is enough to fill a Classic Chevy car lot.)  

   Each Special Interest vehicle in the parade will have an Anderson placard, tied with a string on the vehicles antenna.  This will designate the vehicles as official and special supporters who have sipped Anderson’s campaign Tea.  This will also signify that the drivers have contributed significant bucks to tie the string on Anderson’s future voting arm.  How quaint.  How symbolic!

   If only ordinal citizens had the ability to obtain one of these strings, without having to contribute thousands upon thousands of bucks, to ensure their interest were going to be met if Anderson should win this election!

   As previously noted in another CCR report, the only difference between Rodney Anderson and Linda Harper-Brown is: Anderson has his supporters drinking Tea Party tea, while Harper-Brown depended on Kool-Aid for hers.

   CCR readers have heard it before, but every vote counts.  And it certainly doesn’t hurt to remind friends and family their vote is important, too…even if they are not sure whom to vote for.  You can always direct them to a candidate interested in Irving, one that has character and one not interested in their egos or party affiliation to the detriment of citizens.   

   After all, not everyone in Irving likes Tea Party tea!  Staff of the CCR finds this political brew has become very distasteful and can even turn politicos into a babbling blockheads.

………………………Mark Holbrook

1)  Staff of the CCR wishes to make an "Advisor Clarification"(3) for reflecting Casteel would be giving an exclusive interview with the DMN reporter.  When the bogus "complaint" was uncovered, Casteel is reported to have stated to the DMN: "You have lost the privilege to speak with the Anderson campaign."  Wow!  Did Rodney Anderson also put him in charge of the Only Good Campaign News Department?  Does Free Speech and Bogus "Complaints" pertain only to those attempting to hide something from voters? Does drinking all the Tea at campaign headquarters turn certain potions of an individuals anatomy into brass…to be able utter such tripe?  Should a candidate running for political office or members of his staff shun, browbeat, demean and attempt to sway the press to the detriment of citizens who want to actually and accurately know how and what their elected politicos might be up to?  The CCR hopes our "Advisor Clarification" is a bit more of a mea culpa than the one the Texas Republican Party issued on behalf of the toxic activity conducted by the Rodney Anderson campaign in the Bogus-gate "Complaint" filed against Susan Motley, his opponent in the District 105 State representative race.  If nothing else, staff of the CCR would be more than willing to speak to the press and tell them what we really think about the Bogus-gate "Complaint." 

2)  DMN, Avi Selk, 10-29-14:   

3)  Advisor Clarification: Appears to be weasel words personified to make it appear an apology was issued to Susan Motley by the Texas Republican Party for the brash, arrogant and blockheaded activities of the Rodney Anderson campaign.  As the Texas Republican Party paid for the bogus "complaint" mailings, one has to wonder if they will seek a refund from Anderson.  Paying that much for that large a load of campaign Torofeca is probably priceless.