Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CCR/DW 10-28-14: Stringy Tea Leaves

TO:  CCR Tweet-less 

Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

Surgeon General warns: Drinking political Tea causes one to spread Torofeca and bogus complaints in Irving’s Dist.105 State rep. campaign.

QueenBs (Irving mayor) Anderson endorsement:"...a man of honesty, integrity..." Before or after his bogus Fed. complaint filed & dismissed?

Irving’s interest or Special Interest? The list of special interest behind Dist. 105 Anderson reeks of Harper-Brown’s grubby representation.

Anderson staffer Casteel files new Fed. complaint, invoking Paul Revere’s interred blessing, states that Motley drinks coffee and not Tea.

Seeing how Dist.105 Anderson and staff play political games, Paul Revere wishes he had throw coffee in Boston Harbor. Gives Tea a bad name.


PostScript: First, two-thirds of the CCR staff would like to apologize for Dylan’s Twit-er outburst today.  He was a tad upset over a dirty political trick played on him.  It seems his Starbucks® House Blend (Medium roast) conservative KUERIG® coffee K-cups were secretly replaced with Tea

   While no one has been apprehended, Rodney Anderson’s PR flack said the brand of Tea they drink is domestic, so don’t call them with our problem as they only respond to inquiries from the Dallas Morning News.

   (Note: The suspicious Tea planted in Dylan’s KEURIG is being analyzed for the CCR.  FDA scientists are about to determine that a possible link, between sipping Bai Hao White Tip Oolong Tea and bogus campaign complaints filed during early voting for the District 105 State representative campaign by candidate Rodney Anderson, does exist.)

   It finally dawned on staff of the CCR what was wrong with all that is going on in the District 105 State representative race…too much money and too much Tea being served with extra lumps of bogus complaints being filed by the Tea sippers.  No issues are being discussed…just sleazy attack ads printed and spread all over ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

   While the recent bogus claim filed with the federal US Special Counsels against Susan Motley by Rodney Anderson was dismissed, the campaign didn’t miss a beat to continue to flood ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ with more of their slick and utterly over-the-top campaign mailers.  And that is when the bolt of deja vu-logic struck Dylan’s coffee mug.

   Remember all the Special Interest Groups which supported, funded and flooded voter mailboxes with expensive and slick campaign literature for Linda Harper-Brown?  Remember all the political trash she distributed all over the city?  Well, the same flood of political refuse is again being crammed in voter mailboxes by the Anderson campaign. 

   (Anytime a voter receives two or three different mailers from the same candidate in one day, then following the money is a key to discovering how a campaign attempts to buy an election.)

   What makes the Anderson campaign similar to Harper-Brown’s old political scheme is that excessive money and special interest supporters control the candidate after an election.  Simply stated: A plethora of special interest involvement, with little emphasis on citizens, is what the Anderson campaign appears to have morphed into.

   Here’s a working example of what could happen if one calls the Anderson office after the election to request consideration on a particular issue which might be of vital concern to Irving’s interest:

   "Thank you for calling Rodney Anderson’s Tea brewing and sipping office.  While we are anxious to assist you, please remain on the line until your call is answered.  Your call will be answered immediately after the calls from the Texas Land Title Association, Texas Association of Realtors, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Republican Party of Texas, Texas Victory 2014, Texas Association of Businesses, NFIB, Manufacturers of Texas, Texas Medical Association, NRA, etc., and QueenB VD (mayor of Irving) have been responded to.  Your call is important to us, so please stay on the line.  Your estimated time to wait is two days before we will consider if your issue coincides with what our string pullers have mandated.  Again, thank you for calling the Anderson Tea-only-served-office, and remember…with Tea you don’t need to drink Kool-Aid."

   Yes, dear readers, the Anderson District 105 campaign could just hang Tea-stained drapes in the old Harper-Brown office.  And the end result…Special Interest Concerns again will trump citizen concerns or needs…all at the expense of satisfying a Tea party dogma.  This is change? 

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