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CCR/DW 10-13-14: Straw Man Rehab

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We hear: Disgruntled spiked-mead sippers of QueenB (Irving mayor) entering rehab to be reborn voters due to her anti-ARK vindictive charade.


PostScript: Sometimes, the straw is used just to slap the camel in the face instead of breaking its back.  

   And QueenB VD recently swatted the city, interested citizens, business community, and some supporters across the face with a handful of coarse straw.  This swatting, which should leave prominent whelps on future voter’s faces, was just her way of saying: "It’s my party and I didn’t invite ARK."

   The QueenB slap fest of voters, citizens and businesses began as she utilized her Straw Man faulty logic to publicly browbeat a corporate concern, ARK, that is developing the Entertainment Center for the city.  

   After the disastrous city council vote (5-4 to kill the resolution), led by QueenB VD who marshaled her Pet Rocks to scuttle the ARK boutique proposal, some previously staunch supports of the queen finally decided…enough is enough.  

   Her perceived PPP (Political Pettiness Personified) condition coupled with an ego that wouldn’t even fit in AT&T Stadium (JerryWorld Arena) has caused some staunch supporters to re-evaluate their allegiance to this pseudo-monarchy of narcissistic endeavors. 

   Based on e-mails and conversations, the queen’s latest anti-ARK rampage leaves only one question to address: Why has it taken so long for some individuals to figure out the queen isn’t leading the city, but managing to bring it down?  And in her mind, this might even be okay…if there is a photo op involved.

   The publicity, e-mails and blog postings resulting from QueenB VD leading her Pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris, Spink and Ward) to deny the ARK resolution demonstrates ordinary citizens understood the issue better than the queen and Pet Rocks.

   It is certainly apparently the ARK Entertainment Center personnel now realize what many citizens have noted for the past four years: The queen only serves the queen…unless, of course, her sugar-daddy-string pullers (Simon and Ellis) dictate otherwise.  In this instance, there probably was a melding of these three forces to badly skew rational thinking into a political quagmire…which will haunt the city indefinitely.

   Perhaps, the most cognizant and profound pronouncement to capture the essence of QueenB VDs faulty blathering and logic on the ARK boutique hotel proposal was:
ARK development partner, Noah Lazes, to DMN (10-11-14) reporter Avi Selk:  
"This is Beth continuing to push an agenda that was clearly not accurate," Lazes said. "It’s unfortunate that a personal agenda and a personal vendetta is influence political decisons.” *

   Fortunately, ARK has a milder manner and a kinder grammatical disposition than staff of the CCR.   
   Knowing the queen was leading the charge and probably acting in accordance with her handler’s desires, the Pet Rocks must also share the shame and blame for this anti-business, anti-Irving and anti-logical vote.  After all, where were their brain synapses during the vetting of this issue?  

   (That’s right, Pet Rocks do not have cranial gray matter in their aphanitic composition.)  

   As QueenB VD, her handlers, Tea Party sippers, and Flying Harpies plot her next political move (replace Kenny Marchant in the US Congress?), she will have free time on hand after flushing Irving down the porcelain latrine.  Her ability to forego sound and professional advice, which would benefit the city, would fit right in with the DC crowd.

   Who knows?  Even her Washington ‘tour guide,’ Rep. Pete Sessions, might be onboard for the queen to set up shop in DC.  With as screwed up as Congress seems to be regarding the representation of citizens, QueenB VD just might be their new poster child for screwing-up.

   After all, when one reviews the queen’s record of non-accomplishment, it would not be a leap to the Washington political scene for her.  Rather, she could hop, skip and jump into a new arena of serving special interest concerns, single source developers and kowtowing to her two primary handlers.

   Of course, this would be a Win-Lose situation for the city.  Irving Wins with her departure and the country Loses with her arrival.

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