Monday, October 20, 2014

CCR/DW 10-20-14: Drunken Tweets

TO:  CCR Tweet-less 

Here’s what you recently missed by not following
Dylan Westie  @DylanWestie1  on Twit-er.

@JudgeClayJ looking freshly embalmed is really the most "ferocious & scariest (political) animal on the planet." Not Dallas County middle schoolers!
Has @RodneyAnderson drinking bitter Tea just scraped the bottom of the political dirty trick barrel? See: … How shallow!
Will QueenBs (Irving mayor) sipping Tea endorsement of Rodney Anderson be an albatross or a new Pet Rock for her collection? His choice!
DMN endorses Susan Motley for state rep. QueenB (Irving mayor) sipping Tea endorses Rodney Anderson.  Who you ‘gonna believe? CCR likes DMN 


PostScript:  Staff of the CCR had really planned to let the MacBook cool off this week.  This was due to city hazmat teams having to clean all the Torofeca flung by QueenBs Pet Rock, LaMorgese, which splattered on all the bloggers on FaceBook and the Internet universe.  This was as a result of his blockheaded anti-ARK vote-rationalization screed on FaceBook.

   However, our desired respite was unattainable…just as the clean up by the city’s hazmat crews was Herculean.

   The problem: Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, discovered the secret stash of craft brews.  This added to our not being able to take time off.  The above represents the four tweets he managed to send before we were able to tug the bottle of  Velvet Hammer - Imperial Red Ale (his fifth one) out of his paws.  As he sometimes will post in cryptic script, readers deserve a bit more detail before sharing these ramblings with their friends or associates.  So, we’ll translate his bacchanalian thoughts into Cajun verbiage for better understanding.  Alors c’est bien compris?

Tweet (1): Would someone buy a baby Binky® and stuff it in County Judge Clay Jenkin’s mouth?  If anyone can turn a serious press situation into a political rally coupled with misguided information (better than even VP Joe Biden), he can.  And like VP Biden, Jenkins is going to require mouth surgery to expand his jaws for his size 14-foot he keeps sticking in his mouth.  To infer all middle school kids in Dallas County, as he did, were the "ferocious and scariest animals on the planet" was not only utterly dumb (no polite word available in Thesaurus and stupid was too kind) and insensitive, but causes one to wonder if he shouldn’t be placed in voter-contagious containment.  Does he actually believe all middle school kids are animals and that he knows how to run a school district better than those charged to do so?  Really, Clay?  Surely, folks must be wondering how he could be re-elected and run county government with his mouth flapping so incoherently.

Tweet (2), (3) & (4):  Here we are just two weeks before the November elections —with early voting starting today — and guess what: It’s mud shoveling time for some politicos who do not want to address real issues.  Instead, they dig in the pit of political slime to sling at their opponents.

   Some politicos cannot leave ordinary citizens alone to decide whom they will support.  The politico believes it is their god given right to pander for votes, create smoke and mirror issues, flood mailboxes with tripe even hogs would dismiss…all to pump up their egos and tear down their opponents.  Issues, to them, are not relevant in current day elections.  Their trick to being elected is to dig as deep as possible in the political dirty trick barrel and attempt to cast doubt and confuse voters.
   Question: If Rodney Anderson truly believed the Hatch Act* was such a critical issue with his opponent, why wasn’t this "discovered" or presented at the start of the election cycle?  Surely, a highly paid staff of researchers, DC attorneys and other political pimps were aware of his opponents work history.  And to utilize this claim in a political brochure with a ‘question mark’ only indicates the spreader of this dubious dirt wants to merely place a bit of doubt in voter’s minds.  Without the ‘question mark,’ then voters would recognize this as a mere shabby attempt to discredit the individual with concrete assurances.

   While staff of the CCR sometimes attempts to be neutral in Irving State races (snicker), we have to finally register our thoughts on the District 105 State Representative race.  And when the Torofeca is being spread so thick in the city, then its time to opine.

   We do not know Susan Motley, but from what we have observed, she has run a clean, positive campaign…which all politicos should attempt to do.  And to defend an 11th hour bomb blast from Rodney Anderson, which may have little creditability, is just plain politically disgusting.

   But then, this seems to be the modus operandi of many extreme Tea Party sippers…say or do anything to get elected.  Getting elected is the ticket and forget about character, honesty and doing what is right.

   To some, it seems as if many Texas Tea Party candidates have morphed into a religious jihad of extremism.  And sadly, if you do not agree with them, then you will be considered an outcast.  

   And this, dear reader, is why so many individuals (normal conservatives for sure) are turned off with politics and politicos.  Couple this with politicos favorability ratings being lower than a used car salesman and citizens are severely shortchanged with their representatives.

   The perpetrators of late-hour political skullduggery, in a campaign, only confirms politics is a sleazy business.  When the primary purpose is to get elected at any cost, then the politicos personal agenda has a priority over citizen needs and desires.  And this is not what the political process should be providing.

   Since staff of the CCR has not endorsed either candidate in the District 105 race, we’ll leave you with this thought.  The Dallas Morning News has endorsed Susan Motley.  QueenB VD is the head Irving cheerleader for Rodney Anderson.  Do you really require more information than that to understand the true depth this election and representation could have on Irving?  Is Irving actually large enough to handle two super egos of brashness and arrogance?

   And if asked, staff of the CCR (and a sober Dylan Westie) will affirm, we hope, the DMN proves accurate with their endorsement in this instance!

NOTES: * The article detailing with why Rodney Anderson deems the Hatch Act to be a part of his 11th hour discussion political play is fully explored at: 

Legal disclaimer and Glossary at: