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CCR/DW 10-22-14: Of Weasels and Censorship?

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Did QueenB (Irving mayor) censor (unless our eyes failed) two factual DMN articles on KIA as not favorable to her Tea Party pick Rodney Anderson?!


PostScript:  This whole District 105 campaign for Irving’s State representative seems to grow stranger by the day.  In addition to the Rodney Anderson campaign attempting bury their opponent, Susan Motley, with legal-lathering and blathering to force her out of the race, this group of political misfits even wants to extract an additional pint of blood…and have her fired from her job.  This is really a sad day for political campaigning in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

   Wow!  Welcome to the new age of Tea Party hardball politics…say or do anything to con a vote from unsuspecting citizens.

   Of course, the political "strategist" (weasel word for chief gopher and cooker of dirty trick recipes) of the Anderson campaign spun a tale as to why the feds had not seen the supposed legal complaint filed against Motley.  The flimsy rationale registered was: the elephant sat on the paper work a "clerical error" on the feds side of the fence. (Full detail in articles noted below, but promise not to snicker at the flaky excuse.)

   Frankly, it would have been more believable had the Anderson’s campaign dog peed on the paperwork and they were just waiting for it to dry before faxing.  But then, wouldn’t one assume a matter of this importance (and factual?) have demanded a vigorous follow up by the campaign "strategist" to ensure the complaint had been filed and received properly?  After all, the campaign was wanting this 11th hour dirty trick to sway early voters without their opponent having ample time to assure voters the complaint was false, fictitious, or designed as a political mailing for dispersion and fermenting of extreme doubt on Motley’s character.  

   And wouldn’t the "complaint" certainly be a good talking point and provide for loads of Torofeca spreading by Anderson in the waining days of the campaign?

   With QueenB VDs Flying Harpies registering and posting on the KIA blog everything — from how to develop loving relationships with CAIR to browbeating an Irving expat loose-wing nut — one would think this blog of ‘fair and balanced’ expression of opinions would at least have posted DMN articles concerning an activity crucial to the city.  The District 105 State representative will, after all, have Irving as a home base.

   After reviewing the KIA blog on two different days, neither of two DMN articles related to the Rodney Anderson complaint filed against Susan Motley was found.  Granted, our feeble eyesight isn’t what it use to be, but two articles and neither one posted for KIA followers?  Is there a new computer virus that, like Pac Man, devours unfavorable articles for the KIA blog chieftains?

   Good grief, the blog has recently posted DMN articles regarding the expansion of Champion Trail, LOWV candidates forum, and the creeping Common Core curriculum in Texas.  All of those, you will note, deal with Irving!  But the articles for the District 105 political swamp pit created in Irving by Rodney Anderson…not there!

   Staff of the CCR doesn’t run the KIA blog (nor would we want to) and we would always support their efforts to provide opinions…just as CCR reports attempt to do.  However, should they claim they are Keeping Irving Accountable if major news reports, for readers to gather all the information possible before going to the polls, are not available?

   Another significant ‘conspiracy theory’ for the articles not being posted on KIA is, perhaps, QueenB VD who is the head cheerleader for the Rodney Anderson campaign in Irving has dictated to her Mother Superior of Flying Harpies that the articles being on KIA would be detrimental to the Anderson campaign and shouldn’t be posted…especially if the premise of the Anderson complaint is not valid.  In this case, the queen’s rationale would align with Anderson…say or do anything to get a vote and don’t be pestered with honesty, accuracy or character.

   Well, staff of the CCR is not proud!  (Opinionated, yes.)  

   Below, you will find the two DMN articles which should spike your interest, cause you to question a politicos actions and maybe even provide a basis as to why so many voters are disgusted with politicos who should be responsible for representing THEIR interest…not succumbing to pandering and underhanded measures of this nature to sate their egos. 

   And for those not aware or knowledgeable, staff of the CCR drinks conservative coffee…not Tea.

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