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CCR/DW 10-10-14: The Dr. Sez

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QueenB (Irving mayor) pats Pet Rocks for vote against ARK boutique hotel. Stone Age & small minds reign in #IrvingTx


PostScript: Just plain mind-boggling!  That is the only way to describe QueenB VD leading her Pet Rock contingency (LaMorgese, Ward, Spink and Farris) to vote against the ARK boutique hotel resolution.  And the resolution before the council had nothing to do with: how many rooms the hotel would have; how much parking would be available; or, how much profit ARK might reap from a hotel in the Entertainment Center utilizing their own capitalization.

   (Someone please inform LaMorgese, all businesses strive to operate for making a profit.  In socialistic societies this would not be the case.)

   No, the resolution before the council was to allow ARK to consider building a boutique hotel if the city’s Convention Center hotel could not be on line by 2017.  And if that turned out to be the case, then ARK would develop all the necessary plans, reflect all financing from their own resources and return the package to the city council for consideration and final approval.  To state QueenB and the Pet Rocks had their cart before the horse with this resolution would be a serious understatement.

   And saner and sounder professional minds assured the entire council the development of a boutique hotel by ARK would not detract or sniffle competition from a Convention Center hotel…if and when it is constructed.

   While still attempting to understand how QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks could take sound professional advice, a Win-Win for the city and then detouring Irving onto the path of Stone Age reasoning, staff of the CCR decided to seek professional help…but not for us.

   The CCR contacted Dr. Ima Fraud, PhD (as in Post hole Digger) to see if she could explain the queen’s and Pet Rock’s flawed rationale for turning down such a grand proposal by ARK.  While the report issued to the CCR is confidential, we will share a couple of the significant details so readers of the CCR might better comprehend the factors that went into their defective decision making processes.

   Apparently, QueenB VD has "sugar daddy issues" with her two major/protective/contributor and string pullers — Simon and Ellis.  As those two individuals probably never really wanted Bill Bob or ARK to develop anything to do with an Entertainment Center in the urban center, over a developer of their choice, this instilled in the queen a deep seated ‘grudge-psychosis.’  And this ‘grudge-psychosis’ for other suggestions, alternatives or developers even formed the foundation for the queen’s explicit mantra, now used daily, of "not my idea, not a deal."  Knowing this certainly helps shed light on the queen’s role and vote against the ARK boutique hotel proposal.

   Even though Dr. Fraud provided ‘clinical write-up’ for each Pet Rock, the only additional item of note to be considered, at this time, would be her findings for the queen’s Chief Pet Rock and spokesperson, LaMorgese.  While not conclusive, Dr. Fraud wonders if the actual direction and motivation for his actions could be as a result of his actually wanting to "please the queen’s mum."  And if he pleases the queen’s mum, then he understands the queen will be pleased with his actions, blathering and votes.  His ‘condition’ could even be sadder than the queen’s.

   Even though it was beyond her professional expertise (not being a renal specialist), Dr. Fraud did indicate the possibility existed for the Pet Rocks not to have the necessary manhood attributes (cojones?) to actually confront the queen and vote for what should be in the best interest of the city.  Of course, the CCR does not have the funding available to provide physical exams for the Pet Rocks to see if her assessment is accurate.

   Perhaps, the only other real way to really demonstrate the inane actions and vote led by QueenB VD against the ARK proposal would be to compare her with what the CCR has previously identified as Irving’s worst mayor — Morris Parrish.  And on hindsight, we now want to apologize to Morris.  The queen is actually in a category by herself and way below Morris’ stature!

   Maybe the best way to view QueenB VDs standing as mayor could best be considered by comparing the two mayors with presidents.

   If Morris Parrish would equate to Ronald Reagan for his service to Irving (which he didn’t), then Beth Van Duyne would have to be Barack Obama for the devastation she is currently causing.  Her leading the vote against the ARK boutique hotel proposal permanently sealed this deal.

   When citizens finally realize the financial turmoil QueenB VD has created during her reign, her presidential comparison should become more apparent.  And the payment of higher taxes will certainly track her flawed and devastating legacy.

   The queen’s echo to ARK from last evening’s meeting will also resound for decades: "You didn’t build that."

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