Friday, November 14, 2014

CCR/DW 11-14-14: Browbeating Bully

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Was QueenBs (Irving mayor) cross exam on ARKs TIF use @ work session just another anti-ARK NPD spike? Will she ever learn to stifle it?

What will be QueenBs (Irving mayor) position on TIF expenses when her single source developer returns plans for TxStadium w/her Tennis Center featured?


PostScript:  If only QueenB VDs public persona was the same as when she deals with individuals and issues on a one-to-one basis, executive session discussions, or in private conversations, then her mead-spiked followers would see the actual mayor of Irving they elected.

   Of course, when it is photo op time (most of her schedule), the Hollywood-ish posing, flashing of the pearly whites, flippant mane flip, and the ‘look-at-me’ smile is ready for business.  Public exposure and photo ops are as important to her as dictating her litany of self-aggrandizing issues.

   However, there is a darker side  to the queen which is sometimes exposed to the general public.

   And frankly, the browbeating of city employees or fellow council members in public sessions (god only knows the wrath she spews on them in private) certainly registers a personality trait murkier than what one could even imagine.  Other than being completely unprofessional, this is totally outrageous behavior for the city’s mayor.

   The Latest:  While yammering, without the agreement or consent of other council members on an issue in the work session (11-12-14), QueenB VD once again flared her fangs to bite into the ARK Entertainment Center agreement.  Even when told the legitimate expenditures and processes were being followed by ARK, to the letter of the State law, she attempted to insinuate city staff didn’t know what they were talking about and the world was not spinning according to her trajectory. 

  The irony of her anti-ARK screed (as originally formulated and dictated by her Sugar Daddy contributor) poses a major question: How will she deal with the same type of agreement ramifications if her single source developer, Oliver McMillan, returns to the council and request these same TIF stipulations…as currently approved for ARK.  Of course, everyone knows the answer to that…especially if a Tennis Center is part of the package!

   If QueenB VD wants it, then it must be okay.  No questions should be asked.  And no opposition should be registered.  The queen has spoken. (snicker)

   Sadly, her little ‘me-me’ bell ringing of verbal abuse of individuals is growing old and her sour notes only peal disdain for ARK or any project not sanctioned by her handlers.  And her playing the all knowing, superior intellect card on any topic or issue is as full of holes as Swiss cheese and carries the same aroma as Limburger cheese.

   Why doesn’t one of her Pet Rock entourage, on the council, point out the damage to the city’s image her attitude and methods of addressing issues poses?  

   And finally, QueenB VD has even taken to emulating her best Tea-slurping pal, Rodney "Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson (Irving’s new State representative), as she applied her queenly pressure in an attempt to relieve an individual of their employment.  What a tragic personality this represents when someone doesn’t get their way over PR and seeks to ensure someone is fiscally harmed only to score political points.

   Isn’t this utterly irresponsible and unbecoming of a mayor for any city?

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