Monday, December 8, 2014

CCR 12-08-14: Increased Travel Miles

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

    In this ‘spirit of giving’ season, some of QueenB VDs Pet Rocks could ask for your assistance.  There could be Pet Rocks who might want to establish a charitable fund for a worthy cause…which would immensely benefit the entire city.  And they would like for you to assist by donating.

   Your donations will go to: Send the Queen Out of Town Stat Fund

   All monies collected by Pet Rocks will be used to buy tickets for sending QueenB VD out of town for very special occasions.  One special occasion would be when there is an ARK Entertainment Center item on the council agenda for discussion and voting purposes.  (Just think of all the extra travel miles the queen will accumulate in addition to the city junket miles she is already racking up on your dime!)

   Back story:  It is no secret that QueenB VD harbors ill will towards ARK and their Entertainment Center project.  Her bitterness, harsh rhetoric and persecution of the company, in their dealings with the city, blazes hotter than an arsonist’s match.  

   The history of the queen’s contempt probably goes all the way back to her early days on the city council.  This was a time when two of her main String Pullers (Heinz Simon and J. Ralph Ellis) conceivably poisoned her well-of-support for an Entertainment Center project by not favoring the Billy Bob Bucks (BBB) group handling the concept.  

   (Coffee Shop Understanding…otherwise know as the Fifth Gospel: The main rationale of the opposition to BBB was…it wasn’t a Las Colinas developer, of their choice and under their thumb, identified to construct and run the future center.  Their determination verged on not just wanting a slice of the pie, but rather to own and control the entire pie making bakery.)

   As mayor, QueenB VD continued to demonstrate her complete disdain when ARK was selected to take over the Entertainment Center project from BBB.  Again, ARK was not a Las Colinas favored pick by the String Pullers.  So, she continued to carry water for her handlers and build higher barriers of obstinacy for the project.

   The queen’s derision has been reflected, in part, by: not appearing at the ground breaking ceremony for the Entertainment Center complex; leading the charge with her Pet Rocks to disapprove ARKs boutique hotel proposal…which was not actually the issue on the agenda; not attending the noteworthy press event where ARK and Live Nation became partners for all entertainment venues in the center; and of course, each and every time an ARK item might appear on a city council agenda she would posture and pick the issue apart cleaner than a buzzard on fresh road kill.  All of this for no valid rationale, rhyme or reason.  And certainly, not for the betterment of the city.

   The same could be the case at the December 11, 2014, city council meeting for agenda Item #40.  This is a plain vanilla issue pertaining to ARKs ability to better manage their project.  Cut and dry.  No hidden agenda here.  All this item requires is approval by the council.  One might even consider this a mere ‘housekeeping’ issue requiring little or no discussion before voting.  

   However, QueenB VD doesn’t do housekeeping!  (She relies on her serfs, peons and Flying Harpies to handle all of her ‘dirty’ or ‘wet work.’)  And if she is in town, then one might expect her PPP (Political Pettiness Personified) to kick in and cause her to sow more seeds of discontent while flipping her mane of self-importance.  Does the city really deserve this? 

   Donations Needed Now:  It appears a Pet Rock or two could actually want to start doing what is best for the city regarding the Entertainment Center project.  If this is the case, then it would be best if QueenB VD was out of town.  This would allow the Pet Rock(s) to discuss the genuine merits of the ARK agenda item without fear of immediate retribution, Flying Harpy attacks, or browbeating by the queen in a public forum.  

   (And the citizenry already has witnessed how adept QueenB VD is at performing these verbal bullying stunts in a public forum.  You don’t want to know what she does when the cameras are not rolling!)

   Funds donated to the Pet Rock charity will purchase tickets to fly QueenB VD (and a companion du jour) to Beaumont, Texas where her accommodations will be booked in a Hampton’s Inn® to take advantage of the free continental breakfast of rolls and juice.

   And without QueenB VD present at the upcoming council meeting, the city’s business might be conducted without all the ego driven, self-aggrandizement and petulant nature of an individual who might think more about photo ops than the city.

   Will you help the Pet Rock’s potential reform efforts?  Can the CCR count on your generous donation to achieve this action?  Contribute now to the "Send the Queen Out of Town Stat Fund."

   Don’t wait, as this issue is time sensitive.  Your city is counting on you!  Be generous and help send the queen packing.  

   (Note:  The queen has just about broken the city’s bank account by spending wads of tax bucks for all her other superfluous travel junkets.  Your donation to the Pet Rock fund may help create interference and a diversion of her lavish city-paid jaunts.)

………………………………Mark Holbrook

   Special Note:  An added benefit of contributing to the Pet Rock fund will be that legal fee amounts would be available for reformed Pet Rock’s use.  This will be important if QueenB VDs #1 Pet Rock LaMorgese shows up at the council meeting in a gown, high heels and tiara to blather and spout the queen’s talking points during her absence.  The Pet Rocks would be in a financial position to have him immediately removed from the dais and charges filed for impersonating a tyrannical autocrat. 

   Two Birds With One Stone: Another item of importance (Item #41) included on the council agenda noted above also requires consideration.  Here’s what you recently missed by not following Dylan Westie on Twit-er: @dylanwestie1.

   Is the Whistle Stop ‘Conflict of Interest’ Market train seeking another development delay to load more city tax funds into their box cars?!

   P.S.  Yes, the infamous Whistle Stop farmer’s market, food truck pit stop, and potential beer garden is requesting another extension for presenting their final proposal for the project to the city council.  When, and if, the dust ever settles on this development scheme, it will be interesting to note: Just how much funding will the partners (which includes a sitting council member) request the city contribute to this for-profit venture; and how will QueenB VDs fluffy ethics policy revisions stand the intense scrutiny as regards to ‘conflict of interest’ of a sitting council member, plus the fact another Whistle Stop partner is also a significant donor and funder of her political campaigns?  MH