Thursday, December 11, 2014

CCR/DW 12-11-14: Blowing Smoke

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 * BINGO ladies of Irving…time to UNITE! QueenB (Irving mayor) is about to kill your enjoyment and past time at the 12-11-14 council meeting.

* Is QueenBs (Irving mayor) autocratic placing smoking ordinance w/o proper committee/public input an NPD spike? Shouldn't item be pulled?

* QueenB (Irving mayor) setting stage to run some small businesses out of town with her autocratic handling of the smoking ordinance. How sad!

* QueenB (Irving mayor) blows smoke up/on Pet Rocks to protect Sugar Daddy donor's restaurant patio w/fluffy revisions to smoking ordinance?


PostScript:  Showing a complete disdain for city staff, committee appointees, established processes, the citizenry and non-Pet Rocks, QueenB VD will be blowing a lot of verbal smoke tonight as she attempts to have an invalid (as in legally and properly posted for this meeting of the proposed action to be taken) smoking ordinance passed.

   Of course, the Pet Rocks, led by Farris and LaMorgese, are already in queenly bobble-head mode and agreeing, without any cognitive thinking, that the queen’s utterances and dictates will best serve her realm political resumé.  

   It remains to be seen if Spink and Ward (who is a partner in the controversial Whistle Stop agenda item preceding the smoking ordinance) are going to again pledge their total fealty for another mismanaged and non-transparent autocratic action by the queen.  (As elected officials, do they not see how they are being used by the queen at the expense of those who actually elected them to the council to do what is in the best interest of the city?)

   And then there is Danish.  As always, he wants to dance on both sides of any issue.  While blustering how QueenB VD violated the rules of transparency and public input with bringing this issue forward now — as she did — he immediately blows a few air kisses her way seeking approval for his verbose and  wishy-washy stand as to what his ultimate action might be.  

  Simply put, the ordinance QueenB VD brought forward is not the one which had been previously revised to accommodate citizen input and the sentiments of the council.  No, QueenB VD dug deep to find the most restrictive ordinance, in the archives of this issue, to allow her to blow copious amounts of smoke on what a great job she is doing (in her mind) for the city…while eliminating citizen input and avoiding complete transparency.

   Here’s just a few of the individuals and small business that will suffer, go out of business or lose their customer base due to QueenB VDs autocratic dictates…if "her" myopia vision goes forward: Cigar smokers at Cool River, patio diners at The Ranch (and really, the queen attempting to identify when a patio is a patio to sate a large campaign contributor reeks more than second-hand smoke.), restaurants that already have designated and approved smoking sections, golfers on the city golf course, visitors to city parks, any indoor area of a retail establishment, BINGO halls, restaurants, bars and sport cafes, shopping malls, enclosed areas of non-residential buildings used as places of employment, and public parks to just name a few.  

   Yes, QueenB VD wants to assure the citizenry, with her pseudo-Tea Party actions, that she knows what is best for you and how to run your business.  And this is paramount to those who are actually involved in running a business. 

   Also, the great outdoors of Irving is now under the jurisdiction of QueenB VD…and don’t breathe the air unless you have paid the appropriate fees to the crown.

   Remember, some of the above items were modified in another version of the ordinance which the queen has disregarded — without direction or concurrence of the city council — to posture for her autocratic vision.  Why?  Because she is the queen, of course!  She reigns and the serfs, peons and Pet Rocks are supposed to follow.  (Those who disagree face the wrath of the queen and the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies.)

   Best pop an additional batch of corn in the kettle as the council meeting tonight should be highly entertaining.  Staff of the CCR always enjoys the part where the Pet Rocks, attempting to sound original and intelligent, spew the queen’s talking points.  (Do you think she has her talking points tattooed on their palms?  Actually, aren’t their actions even starting to give Pet Rocks a bad name?)

   Also, it will be interesting to hear all the BINGO ladies question why this "Lazarus smoking ordinance" was resurrected by QueenB VD without the citizenry being properly informed.  When these dauber marking individuals last left the council chambers, provisions were made to accommodate Irving’s sole BINGO parlor…which pays taxes, assist charitable organizations and provides many hours of entertainment for a large segment of the city’s population. 

   Maybe in an autocracy, QueenB VD can even raise the dead if wearing her "cloak of invisibility."  Guess this is just another hidden talent to add to the list of NPD items she might have acquired while serving as mayor.

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