Sunday, February 15, 2015

CCR 02-15-15: The Nausea Postings

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   The spinning cycle has started!  Are you reeling yet?

   No more Sunday football.  Who really watches hockey, anyway? And baseball is about as slow as listening to Pet Rock Farris spin a ‘both sides of the issue’ whine before voting as the queen dictates.  What’s a person to do to fill this void of valuable time?

   May the CCR staff suggest you shift gears and pop the clutch for the upcoming city council elections?  Look, candidate packets are flying out of city hall as quickly as QueenB VD zips from one photo op to another photo op. 

  The list of retread, has been, or genuine-value candidates is growing and will certainly give voters several options in all the upcoming races.  And this election season could determine if regal rule succumbs to common sense elected officials who conduct the city’s business properly.

   In a later edition of the report, CCR staff will identify all of the candidates and share salient points as to why you should or should not consider voting for them.  Of course, the decision is always yours, but a large number of voters don’t have a clue and end up selecting an individual based on slick brochures, the ravings of misinformed Kool-Aid sippers, or postings on social media sites.  

   And this is today’s lesson…how to actually interpret fact from fiction when candidates post their unvarnished, self-aggrandizing verbiage on social media sites: FaceBook and Twitter

   As a base line for this study, we’ll use one candidate’s, Brad LaMorgese, postings on social media as he is running for re-election.

   Many of you may already know LaMorgese as being QueenB VDs Chief Pet Rock, but don’t let this blind your thoughts on how he will attempt to re-make himself as the public servant necessary for Irving to succeed in the future…using his own words here which were probably scripted by NBC news fabricator, Brian Williams.

   Cutting through all the spin and political rhetoric, the following is what happens when the following LaMorgese postings are run through the CCRs Torofeca filter.  (And if you still don’t have a Torofeca filter, they are available in the CCRs Gift Shop for $19.95.)

Twitter (12-29-15):  @BradLaMorgese

BLaM: After much reflection, prayer, and encouragement, I have decided to run for re-election to the Irving City Council in District 6.

(CCR: While not for certain [as if anyone is], we could accurately state, with a very high degree of probability, god is not going to be taking sides in any Irving City council election efforts.  And pointing to the sky on election day also carries little weight in determining the final outcome of the voters.)

BLaM: It has been a privilege and a true pleasure to serve the residents of Irving for the past 3 years and I ask for your vote for 3 more.

(CCR: Oops! This might be a classic mistake by reflecting he has served the residents of Irving.  Most would conclude he swore total fealty to QueenB VD (and her family) and has been serving her every misguided interest for the past three years.  Serving the residents of Irving would infer he has been using independent thinking and common sense to arrive at critical decisions affecting the city.  Few have seen him act in this manner.)

BLaM: During my past term, Irving has come a long way, as one of the fastest growing, safest cities in America.

(CCR: Actually, physical growth of Irving has no direct correlation to his being on the council.  Unless, of course, he contributes this growth and his participation of kowtowing to the queen’s major northern developers who were provided magnanimous tax incentives/breaks/rebates and infrastructure perks, which amounted to millions and millions and millions of tax dollars.  What city couldn’t expand with those benefits dolled out at tax payer expense?  Oh, ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ might even expand if his attention had been more focused there.  However, it is hard to see ‘beautiful downtown Irving from Hackberry Creek…unless you are Sarah Palin.)

BLaM: I would like to continue that positive growth and serve Irving for three more years.

(CCR: Ahem!  This must be another typo.  By being the Chief Pet Rock for QueenB VD, he has had a more negative influence on council actions by virtue of his votes and following queenly dictates.  Of course, like most politicos, he hopes voters have forgotten all his prior actions and votes taken on the Entertainment Center, single source developers, waiving conflict of interest for cronies, smoking ban ordinance and a host of other queenly directed issues he so obediently followed.)

BLaM: Thank you and I’m looking forward to the election on May 9, 2015.

(CCR: So is staff of the CCR!  Especially, the photo op sessions when QueenB VD injects her persona and her Flying Harpy flock into his re-election efforts.  This aspect of a sitting mayor actively campaigning for a sitting council member (or school board member) originated and was initiated by the queen.  Prior to her arrival on her self-appointed throne, sitting members of the council did not inject themselves in races of other sitting council members.  And LaMorgese, riding the queen’s skirt hems for possible votes, demonstrates his weak, go-along-to-get-along campaign effort which bears little substance for independent thinking or demonstrating he is actually serving Irving citizens.)

FaceBook (2-4-15): Brad LaMorgese for Irving City Council, Place 6 *

BLaM: Hard at work today: Early at the office for law work, then off to joint meeting of the Transportation and Resources Committee, then work session for City Council. Busy day!

(CCR: Wow! What an industrious little drone bee he is flitting around the queen’s hive.  However, he seemed to cut short the narrative on all his activities accomplished on this particular day.
   For the record: After the council work session he was busy polishing QueenB VDs carriage, mucking her stables, and browbeating non-Pet Rocks for talking harshly to the queen in the meeting.  Then, it was study time to memorize all the queen’s talking points for the council meeting the next evening where he would also fix a fresh batch of Kool-Aid to serve to any weak kneed Pet Rock.  Next on his agenda was kissing the queen’s ring, posing with her for campaign photo ops and then baby-sitting her kids while she took another city paid junket.  Finally, before retiring for the day, he polished the loafers of the primary Sugar Daddy contributor of the queen in hopes of obtaining a positive campaign cash flow.)

   As one might imagine, the printed word on a social media site, for a politico, should draw as much attention and suspicion as when they mail slick brochures, or blather out of both sides of their mouth at political gatherings or meetings.  The effects of both are the same, but the written word, left unchallenged, does leave an odoriferous trail unless factually reviewed and questioned. 

   And with the current state of Irving politics, citizens really deserve less political stench on the campaign trails from their anticipated elected representatives.

………………………………Mark Holbrook

  • This is the new political FaceBook account for LaMorgese.  In addition, he has a personal FaceBook account accessible only to those requesting to see the postings.  His political site probably provides more spin and less fact than his personal account.WARNING:  If you should venture to LaMorgese’s political FaceBook account, ensure you have taken ample doses of Dramamine and Meclizine hydrochloride.  This will assist in warding off all the ill effects of extreme dizziness and nausea when reading the fluffy spin of claimed accomplishments and daring deeds.  (Of course, Brian Williams would be very proud of his literary efforts.)