Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CCR 03-24-15 The Answer...NOYDB

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Shakespeare never met QueenB VD of Irving.  If he had, he would have re-phrased one of his infamous lines to read: "The world is QueenB VDs stage and she will choose the players (Pet Rocks) and force those she doesn’t respect to exit stage left on her whims and dictates."

   Well, QueenB VD is at it again with her red meat conservative jihadist Tea Sippin’ lackeys.  And, dear readers, the city of Irving will be the loser in this multi-act, drama-queen activity of hers.  Similar to past strident activities, the new drama she is producing — like her forcing approval for an unnecessary State resolution — has nothing to do with Irving.

   Retraction: Her latest charade does have something to do with Irving…as she has chosen to make her drama, of media retaliation, available to Flying Harpies, Kool-Aid addicts and other red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippers via a political PR e-mail on FaceBook.

   According to her posting on an infamous Irving blog, where Flying Harpies and Kool-Aid addicts gather to pick the bones of those not following the queen’s dictates, she was very dismayed at having to respond to a series of legitimate questions posed by Irving’s reporter of record, Avi Selk, for the Dallas Morning News.  

   Maybe, dismayed is too kind a word…she was so steamed, she sought sympathy and refuge from where she knew agreement with her position would be guaranteed — FaceBook and Glen Beck.

   And thus it was.  Glen Beck’s heap-o-crap publication, "The Blaze," cuddled the queen and posted every unbelievable quote she uttered.  To hear the queen’s responses to the questions posed by Beck’s scribe is mind boggling.  QueenB VD postured herself similar to a member of Seal Team 6 defending Irving against the imaginary hoards attacking the US Constitution.  (Did staff of the CCR miss the memo where the Constitution was under attack in Texas only?)  

   However, the CCR reviewed the series of questions the DMN reporter proposed and found them to be those any politico serving in an elected position should answer.  To be sure, politicos should answer these questions to ensure the public is totally aware of the character of their representative.
   Of course, most politicos are not of the same bent as QueenB VD…the poster child for photo ops, spinning inane responses to germane questions and possibly matching eight of the nine requirements for an individual maybe suffering from NPD.

   While most of QueenB VDs responses to the DMN were spin, fluff and blather, a closer review notes she actually failed to answer the legitimate parts of many of the questions.  And then, there were the questions she just didn’t respond to at all.  What?  

   Were unanswered questions below her pay grade as being QueenB VD of Irving?  Was she coached not to divulge this information by one of her Sugar Daddy campaign contributors?  Would the responses to the questions demonstrate her reign is merely an empty shell of not representing Irving due to her personal interests and agenda?

   Well, let’s take a gander at what QueenB VD might be afraid to disclose.  And remember, politicos are much like actors on a stage hoping their lines will convince an uninformed public…the crowd QueenB VD loves to perform before. 

Questions Posed by Avi Selk, DMN Reporter

Question: Do you have any sources of income besides Akili?
BVD Response: "I do not think any of these questions are appropriate and will not answer them."
CCRs Thoughts: Not appropriate?  Wouldn’t voters wonder and want know how, if after being elected mayor, her house seemed to be paid off and she started driving a new vehicle?  Will she be penning a book on how to accomplish those wizardly financial activities? Doesn’t her resumé list her as a "consultant?"  Perhaps, a list of the consulting clients would provide some insight into how great a "tell them what they want to hear" consultant she might be.  Would any of her Sugar Daddy campaign contributors be "consulting" clients?

Question:  What, if anything, do you regret having done in office? Any mistakes you’ve learned from?
BVD Response:  "….blah…blah…spin…spin…blah…blah…I wish we could have been more successful at stopping past administrations from getting the city engaged in wasteful and fraudulent development deals that cost our city tens of millions of dollars." 
CCRs Thoughts:  Perhaps, what she really means is the developers characterized were not those her Sugar Daddy contributors wanted for the Entertainment Center or other projects.  She, along with her Chief Pet Rock LaMorgese, manages to ensure obstacles are continuously placed in the path of projects not to her liking.  Tax payers should be more concerned about her political chicanery for present and future projects then dwelling on the past.  Of course, when the queen beats the drums of irrationality and thrashes the "devils" of past city transgressions, she doesn’t have to address those issues falling off the financial cliff in the present.

Question:  You’ve often spoken out against debt and subsidies (e.g., the entertainment center), but have also backed bonds for the Hines housing subsidies. What accounts for you different stances?
BVD Response:  "I have always been willing to use incentives that would help deliver a long-term investment and return…blah…blah…spin…spin…blah…blah…"  
CCRs Thoughts:  Okay, let’s get this straight.  She traipses off to Las Vegas and has a meeting with the real estate developer (Hines) responsible for obtaining the multi-million dollar city-gift of tax and infrastructure waivers plus the single source developer who was later awarded a memorandum of understanding for the Texas Stadium site.  Upon her return, she managed to have all the Pet Rocks align to approve her less than transparent Las Vegas discussions.  And we all know what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas…especially when QueenB VD wears her "cloak of invisibility." 

Question:  What do you do in your spare time? (Hobbies, sports, etc.)
BVD Response:  "I do not think any of these questions are appropriate and will not answer them."
CCRs Thoughts:  If you were QueenB VD, you probably wouldn’t want to alert folks to the fact you are an avid, dedicated and maybe addicted tennis player and fan; pushed to have the Texas Wild professional tennis events receive over $500,000 tax bucks only to leave Irving for greener hand outs in another state; or would dearly love to see her single source developer, OliverMcMillan, propose a tennis center on the old Texas Stadium site.  (Remember, when playing tennis with the queen, she is the only player allowed an unlimited number of faults.  Former city manager Tommy Gonzalez soon learned this lesson…on and off the court.)  

Question:  How do you describe your political ideology? Are you a registered Republican? You seem popular with conservative voters, but you’ve also championed policies (like smoking laws) that fall outside the usual right/left paradigm.
BVD Response:  I am a limited-government conservative who participates in Republican primaries and with Republican clubs/organizations.
CCRs Thoughts:  For those who may not know how to use a Thesaurus, what QueenB VD just recognized as her political affiliation aligns with being: A red meat conservative jihadist Tea Party minion.  And should you disagree with this characterization, then go back and listen to the city council meeting of March 19, 2015.  Why, she even had one of her Tea sippin’ mentors, State rep Rinaldi, attempt to explain how the State resolution (sponsored by Tea Party politicos) was just a minor deal attempting to "protect" the Constitution.  Funny, staff of the CCR must not have received the e-mail that the US Constitution, like the Alamo, was under attack in Texas.  (Is this another of those Texas-boast issues we should take pride in?)

Question:  What’s the nature of your relationship with Jacqualea Cooley, Bobbie Randle and members of the Irving Voices PAC? I’ve been told that you regularly attended meetings with this individuals at the Randle residence. Is that true?
BVD Response:  These residents are constituents, like many others, who share their opinions with me.
CCRs Thoughts:  Do you think after they "share" their opinions with the queen she then dictates how to respond to serfs and peons disagreeing with her positions.  (Mainly, these are citizens of the realm who have not imbibed the queen’s toxic mead and elixir of total submission and agreement.)  Simply stated, the queen’s "sharing" sessions are probably where talking points are hammered out for distribution to the blog sites, flaky political PR e-mails and other means for low information supporters.  (Do you wonder if Chief Pet Rock LaMorgese also attends these "sharing" sessions in order to be able to respond when his strings are pulled by the queen?)

Question:  Have you ever raised your voice or yelled at staffers in front of colleagues at City Hall? (I’ve heard several accounts.) If you can recall any specific incidents, please explain.
BVD Response:  I am proud of and find great value in the work of our city staff…blah…blah…spin…spin…blah…blah…I feel I have conducted myself in a civil and professional manner as would be expected of all city officials.
CCRs Thoughts:  A pity the queen’s response to this question was not made in a court setting where she would be under oath and sworn to tell the truth for fear of perjury.  If a court setting was involved, maybe a host of witnesses would vehemently disagree with her characterization and response to the question…regarding how she has treated some city staff members in the past.  But then, she is QueenB VD and isn’t this how a self-aggrandizing monarch rules?

Question:  Why did you fail to sign so many ordinances in your first term?
BVD Response:  In order to ensure our city’s business is conducted in an efficient manner, our Mayor Pro-Ten is authorized to sign ordinances when I am not available.
CCRs Response:  Once again, this is a completely non-responsive response.  Being queen must damage memory cells.  The frequency where she has had various staff members attempt to track her down, bring materials for her to sign and approve official city documents is legendary.  Yes, the mayor pro-tem can sign documents in her absence, but when she is in town flitting around from political photo op to photo op, shouldn’t one really expect the queen to be concerned with city business first?  Sadly, some of the ordinances she lagged in signing may have been for projects she was not in favor of supporting, or maybe even voted against.

   And while QueenB VD would not respond to all of the DMN questions, she had no reservations about traipsing off to Glen Beck’s heap-o-crap rag to play victim to "a prying" press…the DMN.  How could she be a victim to the truth, when she wouldn’t even share what the truth might be with Irving citizens in the DMN?

   Of course, this is where another great Shakespeare line comes in handy for her skirting issues and providing non-responsive answers to legitimate questions from the press: "Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

   Not only does QueenB VD protest too much, but she also plays the "please feel sorry for me" card to an extremely narrow audience…Tea sippers.  And while doing so, she wishes a plague and other calamities on the real media concerned with informing Irving citizens as to what their elected representatives are really all about.  

   QueenB VDs perfect world would be to see the recognized media crawl in a hole and leave her alone to run her fiefdom…while obtaining media support and puffery from Glen Beck, the Texas Tea Party, et al.  This approach would allow her to utilize the red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippin’ publications to soothe her extremely fragile ego and handle all her PR needs.

   Anyone care for another cup of Earl Grey?

……………………………..Mark Holbrook

Note:  Should you desire the document with all the DMN questions and QueenB VDs less than responsive responses, e-mail the CCR.  The document is not attached to this report as reading the queen’s answers could cause severe reeling, nausea, bleeding eyes, heart palpations, and temporary uncontrollable desires of wanting to become a vegetarian by foregoing eating red meat in the foreseeable future.