Saturday, March 21, 2015

CCR 03-21-15 Rancid Tea Stoners

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Do you enjoy the limelight?  Do like it when a photo op causes a spike in your NPD  (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)?  Do you revel while forcing an inane action for approval which is supported by your Pet Rocks demonstrating IQs the size of their shoes?

   Then, you should have been QueenB VD when presiding and railroading the meaningless State resolution (which had no bearing or impact on Irving) for all of her red meat conservative jihadist Tea Party flakes at the March 19, 2015, city council meeting.  She also received extra NPD-bonus points for turning the microphone off on a council member who was in opposition to her position.  Classy!

   Well, it’s now official.  QueenB VD has had her Tea Party membership credentials punched.  And with the fawning, coaching and scripting of talking points by red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippers and State representative Matt Rinaldi, she is primed and pumped for her next arena of political grandstanding and pandering for voters.  (Notice how she had Rinaldi speak after the issue was closed to the public!  Nice political trick.)

   Suggestion: If you are Congressman Kenny Marchant, you should be looking over your shoulder.  It seems as if some local Tea Party supporters do not believe you gorge enough red meat for their political-culinary noshing.  (And be assured, QueenB VD will need a new and different political forum in two years!)  Just saying!

   Point to Remember:  In order to gain support and attract low information supporters, Tea Party politicos have to have a "devil" to beat, thrash and hold up for public scorn.  And the inane and meaningless State resolution that QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks approved (on a 5-4 vote) met those qualifications.  (Even though they wouldn’t specifically announce who their "devil" was…we know, don’t we?)

   While there are many take aways from the disgusting public travesty perpetrated by QueenB VD and the Pet Rock klan clan, by approving this non-consequential State legislative proposal, staff of the CCR will limit the following discussion to points which could assist in returning the Irving City council to a position where personal politics do not dictate or control local affairs.  

   Individuals serving on the council are free to have any national political affiliation they desire, but it is extremely dishonest to impose those tenets on citizens who did not vote for the individual based on a national political party affiliation.  Local city council governments were not created or designed to mirror State of federal political parties.  Period!

   However, as QueenB VD marches to her own self-aggrandizing parade and agenda (not the city’s), this civic model was cast to the winds three years ago by her actions.  As noted in previous reports, she continues to utilize her bully pulpit to actively endorse and campaign for sitting council members.  (Yes, there are photo ops associated with this activity.)  This was unheard of until she arrived on the scene.  

Pet Rocks Running for Re-election
(Action Item)

   Brad LaMorgese:  As the Chief Pet Rock for QueenB VD, his re-election campaign is geared toward folks not remembering all the votes and activities he has participated in during his first term.  Certainly, he will attempt to sweep all of his frightful political baggage under the carpet.  One would imagine he also hopes his north Hackberry Creek voters suffer from PADD (Political Attention Deficit Disorder) in order to cover the deep tracks of a cataclysmic term of following the queen and not leading for those he was supposed to represent.

   After all, if the queen wanted something done, or to shield her finger prints on an issue…this was done with joy and glee by LaMorgese.  

   Never missing an edict, he was right there for the queen and ready to spin her talking points, with his simplistic legal jargon…which appeared to be designed to glaze eyes instead of opening eyelids on true and honest understanding.

   The meaningless State resolution he voted for should be a clue as to where and how his allegiances are truly aligned.  And as a lawyer using every weasel word and dance step possible to justify his vote on the resolution, he might have even elevated all of Algonquin J. Calhoun’s legal theories with his feeble justification rhetoric.  

   (Actually, when discussing the issue in the work session and at the council meeting, he ran out of lipstick to paint on the political pig he was supporting and voting for.)

   Does LaMorgese really deserve three more years of demonstrating this type of political ineptitude?  Voters would be better served by electing Bill Mahoney to represent this district.

Tom Spink:  As usual, when there is a real controversial issue, Spink goes into mute mode.  He did not offer a thought, opinion or word on the meaningless State resolution in either the work session or at the council meeting.  However, he did hold true to the queen’s dictates and voted for the issue once the item had been aired in public.  Sadly, the public did not know his real feelings or concerns before his vote…if he had any.  

   Voters in the district would be better served by a council person who would at least provide substance to the actions being taken on their behalf.  Maybe, Spink could seek assistance from a Baylor Communication Services and Disorders clinic to assist him in allowing voters to know his position on issues before his term ends.  Even the use of sign language by Spink would be a remarkable improvement to foster constituent understanding.

   Not expressing an opinion on issues, which can impact the city in a positive or negative way, is a disservice to those who voted to have the individual represent their interest.  From all indications, David Palmer knows how to talk about Irving issues and would represent this at-large district for the citizens in a more efficient manner.

   (Side note:  The queen is actively campaigning to keep the two Pet Rocks -- LaMorgese and Spink -- on the city council.)

 Pet Rocks True and Blue
(Dead Wood)

Gerald Farris and Oscar Ward:  There was little doubt these two Pet Rocks would veer from the queen’s dictates.  After all, independent thinking and doing what is best for the city is not in the DNA of a Pet Rock.  Farris attempted to soothe his vote for the inane State resolution by chumming up to the queen’s State red meat conservative jihadist, Matt RinaldiWard on the other hand wanted folks to know he had received bushel baskets of e-mails and other communications concerning the issue.  Did Ward gave all of this info to Spink to discuss as a means to prove why he was supporting the resolution?  If so, we now know what happened as a result of this transfer of documents.

   There is no relief in sight from these two Pet Rocks as the individuals have years to go on their current terms.  Perhaps, a rehab clinic for the ‘terminally led’ and Kool-Aid addicted, by the queen, would accept them as in-patients.

Sad But True
(Kudos To You)

   Over the years, the CCR has pilloried John Danish for his verbal driveling, inane analogies, limousine liberal leanings and pompous attitude.  While sometimes justified, staff of the CCR has also noted when he accurately and verbosely identified a genuine issue and stood firm in his convictions.  (Rare, but it has happened.)

   When pointing out the fallacy of the actions being taken by QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks, Danish referenced what may have been at the heart of the matter for those supporting the red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippin’ State resolution…McCarthyism(For younger readers, Google: Joseph McCarthy.  Staff of the CCR doesn’t have time to provide history lessons.)  

   While professing to ‘protect’ the Constitution (a political ruse), QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks were slyly beating a "devil" which did not even exist in the Tea Party State resolution.  The actions of the ‘queen and stones’ only served the State red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippers via political grandstanding and base support pandering.  

   This was even more pronounced when the queen had her Tea sippin’ mentor, Rinaldi, approach the dais to "explain" how great the resolution was and to lead all the Tea sippers in a soulful rendition of kumbaya for the faithful.  (The CCR believes remedial choir lessons should be mandatory for Rinaldi based on his weak-Tea justification of the resolution.)

   Thanks, John.  We’ll admit…you nailed this one as to the hidden agenda! 

   (And Webb: Hang in there as you can talk loud enough to cover the queen’s screeching and disturbing mane flipping when she turns your mic off the next time.)     

   And as a meeting bonus for QueenB VDs political charade and grandstanding on the meaningless State resolution, she also approved another $30,000 tax bucks (while shredding her revised ethics policy which she touted as a panacea to bring accountability to city hall) for one of her financial supporters.  The individual also serves on the Planning and Zoning commission and owns the Big State property.  This brings the total to $130,000 tax bucks dolled out for this chunk of property.  Nice if you can get it.

   With the filing of this report, staff of the CCR will immediately go to the tattoo parlor on Irving Blvd. to have 666 tattooed on their foreheads.  

   This would certainly be fitting as the red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippin’ fanatics — both state and local — will view this particular opining as the work of another "devil" in Irving needing a good smiting, exorcism…or flaky resolution passed to curtail basic freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution (speech, religion — if inclined, kicking cats and butchering sacred cows).

…………………………..Mark Holbrook

Note:  For those wanting a more factual account of what transpired when QueenB VD led her Pet Rocks down the red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippin’ path, here’s the link to the DMN article by Avi Selk on March 20, 2015:

AP Students:  For those who really want to be informed as to the platform of pandering QueenB VD managed to accomplish, then note the following links — 1) Fox4 News TV video and written report, and 2) the D Magazine FrontBurner article by Eric Celeste.  Both items are dated 03-20-15.

Twitter:  Yes, Dylan Westie was very busy leaving his paw prints prior to the vote on this issue.  His less than candid remarks are found at:


Gold Star:  The best summary line for the QueenB VD imbroglio du jour could be the D Magazine quote of: "Van Duyne’s confusion is one of willful ignorance."  Go to the head of the class Eric!