Saturday, April 4, 2015

CCR 04-04-15 Time To Get It Right

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Instead of the staff of the CCR spending time cranking out their own thoughts, regarding the second performance of the QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks HB 562 Circus at the April 2, 2015, council meeting, the decision was made to let someone, with more standing and readership, pen these magical words.

   The following represents the Open Letter which was sent to the mayor and Irving city council.

TO: Irving Mayor and City Council:

After reading the following op/ed from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, one has to wonder:

 1.  Will QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks commence shunning the Star-Telegram as much as they have the Dallas Morning News?

2.  Shouldn’t QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks do the responsible thing by placing the item (Resolution to approve support of State HB562) back on the agenda to reverse their previous action?

How many articles (other than those in red meat conservative publications pandering to a specific and marginal group) and citizens does it take for the council to realize their approval of the State resolution was erroneous, detrimental to the city and just plain wrong?

Of course, reversing this action would demonstrate unwise judgement was originally used which is the most difficult thing a politico likes to do or admit…especially if one is attempting to build a platform for seeking a higher political office.

Mark Holbrook

Editorial/ Star-Telegram, 04-03-15
Irving’s mayor must unite city, not divide
Idea that Muslims plan to take over our courts, culture is ridiculous

   A purely unnecessary bill introduced in the Texas Legislature, as well as the contrived, hysterical reaction by the Irving mayor and City Council to one faith’s handling of disputes, has caused undue stress and division in a community that deserves better.

   At the center of the unrest is a voluntary mediation process used by worshippers of Islam, based on Shariah. Like mediation procedures practiced for years by Christians and Jews, the Islamic procedure is voluntary and legal.

   But Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and many of her supporters suggest that not only is such mediation unconstitutional, it represents an attempt by Muslims to infiltrate and corrupt American culture and force Shariah on the entire country.

   That is nonsense, of course, but it plays politically with certain segments of society.

  State Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, has introduced a bill (House Bill 562) that would prohibit Texas judges from using foreign law as the basis of their rulings, something they already are forbidden to do.

   The Irving City Council, led by its mayor, voted last month to add its support for the redundant legislation, which is obviously irrelevant except in its ability to demean Muslim residents and greatly irritate others of rational mind.

   This week, a packed Irving City Council meeting was a contentious session filled with residents’ speeches alternating between religious bigotry and defense of the U.S. Constitution, The Dallas Morning News reported.

   One person proclaimed, “Islam’s goal is to immigrate, assimilate and annihilate,” the Morning News reported. A Muslim who interrupted with the cry, “That is offensive!” was escorted out of the chamber by police.

   In a day when there are growing tensions within our communities, often fueled by mistrust or an unnatural fear of those who are different, it doesn’t take much to divide a city, a state or the country.

   When those situations occur, it would be great if our elected officials acted with courage and exhibited true leadership rather than being a prime agitator of the discord.

   Irving’s mayor should work to unify her city.

   She can start by rejecting the ridiculous idea that our courts will be overtaken by Islamic law and by dropping her criticism of a non-binding mediation process that some Muslim residents voluntarily accept.