Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CCR 04-01-15 From Classy to Classless

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Mea Culpa!  Forgive staff of the CCR for not fully comprehending and understanding the "$8,500 Strategy" that QueenB VD is implementing in her bid to be the darling of Tea sippers.

   It seems QueenBs "$8,500 Strategy" is designed not only to pimp, promote and pander to her low information red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippers with her self-declared "war" to defend the Constitution and fight her "imaginary" and unidentified foes, BUT she has declared a secret fatwa against the Dallas Morning News.

   Yes, dear readers, the mayor, in efforts to prove she is always right, has her hardcore, co-dependent supporters using social media to push her crusade of misinformation, bogus issues and phony concerns.

   And how is she doing all this under the radar to ‘feed’ the Kool-Aid addicts, Flying Harpies and other tangential supporters?  Answer:  She is re-tweeting gross, inaccurate and condescending tweets.

   For those not familiar, a person can say just about anything and get away with crass or insulting comments on Twitter.  And if an individual sees and likes those comments, or wants more individuals to see the unrefined and tawdry information, they "re-tweet" to all of those who might be following them on Twitter.  

   As the title of this report reflects, Irving has gone from "Classy to Classless" under the realm of QueenB VD.  And to demonstrate, the following items were re-tweeted by the queen to ALL of the people who follow her on Twitter.  

   Here are a few examples of tweets QueenB VD (Beth Van Duyne) has re-tweeted (meaning she favors and supports the messages noted) to attack the Dallas Morning News, the Irving reporter (Avi Selk) and the fair and balanced coverage the paper has provided for Irving citizens:

   Seriously, is this conduct of re-tweeting these messages one would expect to see the mayor of a large metropolitan city indulge in?  Doesn’t this demonstrate just how insecure the mayor may be about her persona to use others to attack those she does not favor, or even want to talk to…the Dallas Morning News.  Isn’t this a classic example of attempting to fashion a faux message of "I’m always right and they are wrong" to folks who may have little information of what is actually happening in the city?  Did the $8,500 "strategy consultations" she paid for prescribe these types of dirty tricks for her to utilize in belittling those who oppose her position on any issue?  How do activities of this nature really make businesses want to choose Irving for their home?  Does the mayor actually think her immature actions are beneficial to spur economic development in the city?

   Now that readers have witnessed an issue that is actually going on behind the queen’s thrown, one should ask: What can be done to curb, eliminate or change the course the city is currently on?

   The first step would be not to vote for the two Pet Rocks of the queen who happen to be running for re-election.  Brad LaMorgese and Tom Spink are dedicated Pet Rocks to every whim and fancy the queen desires.  Their obedience is almost as if they took a blood oath of fealty to her service, her needs and her wants.  

   If these two individuals are removed from the council, then QueenB VD just might reconsider what limited time she has left as mayor and attempt to do what is right for the general benefit of the city and its citizens.  (One could only hope!)

    Maybe this report will clearly demonstrate just how important the upcoming city elections are.  And if it doesn’t, then be prepared for even greater loads of trash, dirty laundry and ugly discourse from the queen and her cohorts via social media.

…………………………..Mark Holbrook

Note:  Don’t just take the CCRs word for the position we have staked out in this report.  The following articles are those QueenB VD just seems to have a problem with.  Read the articles.  And remember the old adage QueenB VD hopes individuals would gloss over: If it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck, then it damn sure isn’t a queen.